Work Hard only to give what U make to others..

Isn’t it sad we all work so hard only to put all we make into someone else’s pocket.

We do all that hard work for what ?

So,someone else can pocket our money.

We Pay for their Bills while we struggle to have enough to pay our own.

Isn’t it sad ?

I mean look at Gas Price’s 2.07 a gal last I looked.

These Companies make Billions not a drop in the Bucket I’d say.

I about it how many Gal’s does it take to fill UR Car/Truck 15 ,20 and how much does that cost U ?

Now think about how many times a day some one pulls up to the pump and does as U do.

Think about how many People that live in UR town that drive a car/Truck or even a motor cycle something that takes Gas and how many Gal’s of gas a day or week that is.

Now just in UR town how much does these people make in just that short a time ?

Now what can we do ?

Nothing because we have to have a way to get around it would be very hard to walk every where we have to go now wouldn’t it?

Think now on the many other Companies that get Rich off our back’s.

I think if we can live with out these things we should,they raise the price because they know we will buy any way.And they laugh at us did U know that ?

They laugh because they get rich off our back’s because we buy even tho they raise the price not because it cost them more to make but to put money in their Pocket’s.

I say it is time to say NO to them.

And find a way to get things cheaper,The Dollar Stores for one.

And consignment shops,any thing to save a few dollars for U and UR family.

Think first of how U can save to have more for UR family and not give to these companies.

Think of ways to get what U need with out going to them.

And stop buying just for a name,like Kalvin Klin he Laughed at us when he started raising the price on the shoes and even told how he was not doing it because it cost him more to make but only to make more money.

I also warn all of the fact that to buy any PG product is to give to Satan 13% as they said it openly and when they found people Christain or not would not give to Satan they came back and said because people didn’t like such and all they would stop ,I’m here to tell U that don’t happen they lied to people to get them to come back and buy from them again.

I do not buy any Product from PG no matter what it is.I will not allow my money to go to Satan.

I hope Every one will think on what I have said ,Because I only want to get U to stop and think,A 20.00 paid Of shoe’s does the same good as a 200.00 paid,and a 20.00 paid of Jeans wear just as good as a 60.00 to 100.00 dollar pair.

Stop wasting UR money to only line someone else’s pocket..Start taking better cars of UR self instead..


God Bless U always



Indy Filming In Holden,La JSS


Please,every one let’s give John Schneider a hand up.

Please use the link to go to John’s store and order His Movies and music the more people that gives a hand the lower John can sell things because it want take one movie or CD to make the money he is in so much need for at this time.

He and I are very thankful for all of his fans help to get the studio back in shape.

There is so much work to do,and it takes money to do it.

And WE John and I hope that U will not only go and order but,share the link with UR friends and family so they also can order.

And any other person U know or meet that is a Dukes fan or just loves good Movies,and good Music.

Have a wonderful day every one.

Let’s get it done

Onward !

Thank U again from both John and I..





New,News about John Schneider.

New, News About John Schneider.

Yes I know I haven’t been here in a couple Months and I am sorry it has been a long hard road since My Mother Passed.

But,I have really tried to keep in touch with John which hasn’t been easy either.

He has gone through a lot over the last few months as well,with his Mother Passing and the flooding at Jss .

Because of the flood he is singing again,and he has a new CD out and U can order it at his online store there R 3 different ways U can have it,

U can just get the CD with out him signing it or he will sign it for U or U can have him sign it with Your Name ,of Cho. It cost a little more for the extra’s.

But,it’s for a good cause it’s to help fix the studio after the flood.

So I do hope every one will go and order it and help John it the Studio in top shape again.

And Also he also has some of his new Movies there for sale and there again U can get them all 3 ways.

One of them is like son,oh the name of the CD is Ruffled Skirts,I order mine and also got the Download from CD Baby and let me tell U I so love it,I know U will to.The CD starts at 29.99 but it is Autographed and 39.99 presonalized ..It is worth every cent..

Now back to the movies,If U still haven’t got Collier & co it is there 19.99 to start with as the signing it will cost more,30.00 signed,40.00 personalized and if U don’t have Smothered yet it is also there 30.00 Signed ,like son starts at 19.00 and 30.00 signed ,40.00 personalized..

He also has a movie that U can preorder called Anderson Bench 19.99

John also now has Vimeo And has Clips of his movies posted there so U can check them out and you’ll find there are more movies than I have even listed here.

There are quite a few movies there and Do U know U can even watch them on Demand ?

And guess what they don’t cost alot to stream them on your phone or laptop.

And after watching there U can order if U like or not,isn’t that just

Any way,I SO WANTED to come and blog it all U could go and get the CD or a movie or even Both and help John in all he is doing to get JSS back in top shape.

God Bless all that go and help John out in his time of trouble’s.

He has given us so many wonderful Movies and Music over the years now he is in need of a hand up I do hope we can band together and make JSS better than ever before.

Let’s get it done.

On ward!!


This is a older post just a little added ,to help people find it..

Matter’s of life

I’ve been thinking a lot of late.

The things on my mind are things that I should never ever have to think about at all.

I’m not a Young Girl any more,not that I think about it I don’t look or feel my age.

But,when U look for work U have to put UR Birth Date on any App U fill out.

For some people that is something that they shouldn’t know.

I put in 100’s of App’s before getting a job,then when I got a job I had to give them My ID and all.

Then I had to watch as the Personal manage turned white and just kept looking back and forth between me and My ID.

I wondered if he could have backed out of hiring me if he wouldn’t,But I do believe that’s why I ended up being hired part time instead of full time.

And after Months of working and being there every shift never missing a shift in over 4 months and other younger people that hasn’t been there but a few weeks get hired full time over me.People that were hired long after me.

I called Corp. about the things that were going on,and they got a call from them and told what they had to do and one of the Manager’s stood in a meeting and said he might get into trouble but,I’m going to do it any way.

And he hired another Young girl hired after me.

So,I made another phone call and talked to some one in another office and nothing,So yesterday I got a phone call from no less than the Human Res..manage I told them last time that my age should never matter if I get hired.

She said ,that she thought me being hired at all should prove they were Age Discriminating And I said I thought Jammy was the only one that knew but,as I said he didn’t really know either until it was to late.

And then over hear one of the Manager’s talking about what they are doing to keep from Hiring me full time.

But,I already knew this was only conformation of what I already knew.

And,I told the last woman I talked to about it.

I also told her I had every right to work and make a living no matter how old I am ,I have a right to have a roof over my head and food on my table.

And ,I’m coming to a place that I’m getting tired of giving them the chance to do the right thing.

The next call want be to them it will be to some one to do their own investigation and then they want like it.

But,I have given them every chance to do the right thing in this matter.

And I want keep letting them give me the run around on this ,this is to Important to let them get away with it.

Let me tell U ladies of age same as men of age have a right to work and make a living same as the Young kids they give jobs to that don’t give a crap if they work or not.

They get hired and they show up when they want to and then they are fired.

And person that has to pay bill and make a living is there every day they should be not when it is convenient ..

Any way,this is what has been on my mind for a little while now.

I am going to call this guy back and see what he has to say then,Depending on what he say’s I’ll be making another call.

It’s against the law and morally wrong to do this and I want let these people get away with this.

Have a Great one every one…stay safe in all U to all..

John Schneider’s Smothered

Indican Pictures have now announced that they will be giving the film a theatrical release in February of 2016, with VOD and DVD to follow.

We have been waiting for a release date for this movie,and here it is ,wow can’t wait..

I hope every one will watch for it in their area and get out to see this great movie..

There are clips posted an Youtube check them out..

This is one of many that John will be putting out there for every one to enjoy..

I hope every one has a Great evening..

Stay safe in all U do..

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