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I am who I am,the real Deal. What You see is what you get,I'm the same every time you see me,I don't change. I don't care what you have or don't have or what your skin color is,I will treat has with respect. And all I ask is you treat me the same. I don't think what a person has or looks like makes the person it's what is in the heart that matters.. Have a great night ,love to all..

Retirement/Moving /living

Some are asking what the ? What does that even mean ?

Well,it mean’s after you retire will you like me have to move ?

Will you be able to live as or even one half as well as you did before you retired ?

Oh,I knew I wouldn’t have as much to live on as I did working but,my word ,I never though I would have almost nothing.

Most people don’t know as I didn’t until it was a have to ,to retire.

People do trust 401 K  I had it and got wiped out,I had nothing.

Now all I have is Social S. And that you might say is nothing.

You can’t depend totally on 401 K or for that matter the Banking system either one can take a dump at any given time.

I found that out the hard way,I hope by me blogging this today no one else will find them self wearing my shoe’s.

401 K depend’s on the stock Market if it fall’s so does your retirement ,and the Bank’s if they go bust so does your retirement.

When you have a little extra money fine Gold and Silver to buy,get you a lock box a good one fire prove.And keep the gold and silver in it.

When it’s full buy another one and do the same.This is your best way of knowing your retirement is there.

You can not depend on the stock market to stay the same or go up over time. And you really can’t depend on social s. to be there by the time you will need it,you see I can’t know that in 10 years I’ll even have it.

You say CD no they are banking system they depend on the bank staying a stable.

The only thing that will stay for sure is gold and silver,it is used in some way in every country.

Do some research make sure the gold and silver you buy is the best % at the best value.

Take care of your retirement,make sure you will have a decent living after you stop working for what ever reason.

God bless you and keep you always..


Isn’t It Funny ?

Isn’t it funny no matter how many times You say something is only how U feel .
Some one will always take it UR talking about them ?
I never talk about any one person,when I say things about how I feel about something.
Or talk about things that has happened in my life.
And I never say things in order to hurt anyone in anyway.I have been hurt and insulted enough in my life that I know how it feels and I don’t set out to make anyone else feel the way I did when It was done to me.I try very hard to treat other’s the way I want to be treated.No I’m not perfect and do I make Mistake Lord yea and some of them are huge.And as long as I am a human being I will make Mistakes and yea some of them will be so very huge.
But,I also hope I will always stay grounded enough to be able to say I’m sorry I had no intent it hurt U,when I hurt some one.There is so many out there that can’t say I’m sorry even knowing they should and I have to wonder why.
I have heard many times over the years that we hurt the ones we love the most,and I hate to say it but I have also found that statement to be very true..
And It is so sad that we do that but we do.

I don’t know how to stop it totally but,I do think if we stop and think first it will help.
If we stop and think now is this something that I’d want done to me ? I think we wouldn’t hurt other’s near as many or as much as we do no matter who it is.
I’m finding I get very up set at times and say things I don’t mean because I am up set.
So,I know I have to learn to walk away and calm down before I say or do anything.
Thing is as I look back I know I never use to be that way.
And yes I know the way my life has been is why ,I am now the way I am.
And that’s why I’m working so hard on letting my Passed be just that my Passed.
The problem I have is that my heart says one thing and my head say’s something totally something different.
So,I spend a lot of time Praying about what is going on,sad to have had a life that mess’s U up so much in the first place.And also it’s sad when U try to talk to some one about things and they don’t seem to hear what UR saying or care one .
I don’t know ,That’s one reason I don’t talk to people much about things because people have so much on their plates that they don’t have time for my problems and if they do they just simply don’t want to hear it because they don’t care about UR /My problems.
All I can say to people is No I’m not perfect and YES I will make Huge Mistakes at times ,and Yes I will say I’m sorry if I hurt U,But keep in mind I’m a Human being and even tho I may love U dearly I do make mistakes and some of them my be huge and I hope U can love me any way,and let me work on being a better me..

Every one have a wonderful evening and take good care of UR self in all U Do..

Why is it there is 2 set’s of rules ?

I can’t get over the fact that there seems to be 2 complete sets of rules,1 for men and 1 for women.

Well,at least in some men’s minds.

It seems some men think what ever a man does is fine,no matter what it is.

If he so minds to cheat on us women he is just being a man and he thinks that’s fine.

But,By Golly let a woman even let him think she is cheating and wow..Does he ever come unglued.

If a man is jumping from bed to bed he gets pats on the back and is told what a stud he is,if a woman does the same she is a slut or a whore,excuse me but if it weren’t for those studs then those women couldn’t now could they ?

And what would all those men do if all women one day said no ,no more will a man crawl in my bed tonight and go brag tomorrow to his buddies ..and call me names.

What if women stopped what men called putting out ?

What would this kind man do ?

How about those married cheating men do ? who would they cheat with then ?

U see ,I see it this way if a man wants to sleep (jump in bed) with a woman he should be willing to marry her,and if he is married then by golly he should find he fun at home where he vowed to.

He don’t want a woman that does that why then should a woman want a man that does that ? Why does he even think she should ?

Some of them say well U changed well Yes life changes people every day,When some one gets married they should change. They should show they woman/man in every way they can every day they love them.And that means being faithful and open and honest with them.Listen to them with their heart as well as their ears.No women don’t always want U to fix a problem for them just care enough to listen to them even if they just want to vent about something just as a woman should be willing to do the same.And neither should go tell anyone what they talk about what is between a husband and wife is just that and no matter how good a friend is they should never be apart of UR marriage and when U repeat what U talk about or what is going on between the 2 of U well ,UR bring them into UR marriage.

Keeping what is UR’S and UR mates between the 2 of U is important ,it helps both of U to know for one to truth each other and it keeps others from being able to cause problems for U by giving their 2 cents worth.U don’t need others telling U what U already know in UR heart,if U love UR Mate then sit down and talk about what is happening between U,find a answer with out fussing and calling names,or repeating what someone out side told U.Love one another enough to respect them.Talk to each other/listen to don’t close them off just because U disagree with what they have to say about how they feel.U may not intend to hurt anyone more so the person UR in love with /love but we are human and do at times,never feel it brings U down in any way to say I’m sorry if U hurt anyone not meaning to.Life is to short to lose the one person U love because U can’t say I’m sorry Please forgive me.But,on the same note Life is to short to live life with some one U don’t love or U know don’t love U.So,be very sure UR in love when U say I do,and that they R in love with U.

Love can be wonderful if both people are really in love with each other..

Don’t just assume anything,know it before U act on it,that goes for many things in life.

Well,I need to get off here and get some food in my tummy lol

And get ready to go to work in a little while.

Have a wonderful one

Take care every one

Work Hard only to give what U make to others..

Isn’t it sad we all work so hard only to put all we make into someone else’s pocket.

We do all that hard work for what ?

So,someone else can pocket our money.

We Pay for their Bills while we struggle to have enough to pay our own.

Isn’t it sad ?

I mean look at Gas Price’s 2.07 a gal last I looked.

These Companies make Billions not a drop in the Bucket I’d say.

I about it how many Gal’s does it take to fill UR Car/Truck 15 ,20 and how much does that cost U ?

Now think about how many times a day some one pulls up to the pump and does as U do.

Think about how many People that live in UR town that drive a car/Truck or even a motor cycle something that takes Gas and how many Gal’s of gas a day or week that is.

Now just in UR town how much does these people make in just that short a time ?

Now what can we do ?

Nothing because we have to have a way to get around it would be very hard to walk every where we have to go now wouldn’t it?

Think now on the many other Companies that get Rich off our back’s.

I think if we can live with out these things we should,they raise the price because they know we will buy any way.And they laugh at us did U know that ?

They laugh because they get rich off our back’s because we buy even tho they raise the price not because it cost them more to make but to put money in their Pocket’s.

I say it is time to say NO to them.

And find a way to get things cheaper,The Dollar Stores for one.

And consignment shops,any thing to save a few dollars for U and UR family.

Think first of how U can save to have more for UR family and not give to these companies.

Think of ways to get what U need with out going to them.

And stop buying just for a name,like Kalvin Klin he Laughed at us when he started raising the price on the shoes and even told how he was not doing it because it cost him more to make but only to make more money.

I also warn all of the fact that to buy any PG product is to give to Satan 13% as they said it openly and when they found people Christain or not would not give to Satan they came back and said because people didn’t like such and all they would stop ,I’m here to tell U that don’t happen they lied to people to get them to come back and buy from them again.

I do not buy any Product from PG no matter what it is.I will not allow my money to go to Satan.

I hope Every one will think on what I have said ,Because I only want to get U to stop and think,A 20.00 paid Of shoe’s does the same good as a 200.00 paid,and a 20.00 paid of Jeans wear just as good as a 60.00 to 100.00 dollar pair.

Stop wasting UR money to only line someone else’s pocket..Start taking better cars of UR self instead..


God Bless U always


Indy Filming In Holden,La JSS


Please,every one let’s give John Schneider a hand up.

Please use the link to go to John’s store and order His Movies and music the more people that gives a hand the lower John can sell things because it want take one movie or CD to make the money he is in so much need for at this time.

He and I are very thankful for all of his fans help to get the studio back in shape.

There is so much work to do,and it takes money to do it.

And WE John and I hope that U will not only go and order but,share the link with UR friends and family so they also can order.

And any other person U know or meet that is a Dukes fan or just loves good Movies,and good Music.

Have a wonderful day every one.

Let’s get it done

Onward !

Thank U again from both John and I..





New, News About John Schneider.

Yes I know I haven’t been here in a couple Months and I am sorry it has been a long hard road since My Mother Passed.

But,I have really tried to keep in touch with John which hasn’t been easy either.

He has gone through a lot over the last few months as well,with his Mother Passing and the flooding at Jss .

Because of the flood he is singing again,and he has a new CD out and U can order it at his online store there R 3 different ways U can have it,

U can just get the CD with out him signing it or he will sign it for U or U can have him sign it with Your Name ,of Cho. It cost a little more for the extra’s.

But,it’s for a good cause it’s to help fix the studio after the flood.

So I do hope every one will go and order it and help John it the Studio in top shape again.

And Also he also has some of his new Movies there for sale and there again U can get them all 3 ways.

One of them is like son,oh the name of the CD is Ruffled Skirts,I order mine and also got the Download from CD Baby and let me tell U I so love it,I know U will to.The CD starts at 29.99 but it is Autographed and 39.99 presonalized ..It is worth every cent..

Now back to the movies,If U still haven’t got Collier & co it is there 19.99 to start with as the signing it will cost more,30.00 signed,40.00 personalized and if U don’t have Smothered yet it is also there 30.00 Signed ,like son starts at 19.00 and 30.00 signed ,40.00 personalized..

He also has a movie that U can preorder called Anderson Bench 19.99

John also now has Vimeo And has Clips of his movies posted there so U can check them out and you’ll find there are more movies than I have even listed here.

There are quite a few movies there and Do U know U can even watch them on Demand ?

And guess what they don’t cost alot to stream them on your phone or laptop.

And after watching there U can order if U like or not,isn’t that just

Any way,I SO WANTED to come and blog it all U could go and get the CD or a movie or even Both and help John in all he is doing to get JSS back in top shape.

God Bless all that go and help John out in his time of trouble’s.

He has given us so many wonderful Movies and Music over the years now he is in need of a hand up I do hope we can band together and make JSS better than ever before.

Let’s get it done.

On ward!!