Get Physical

I have  a Page Up of John Schneider different ways to Get a work out Program From John and Other things that might Be of Help to People,John Said Doing Something is better than doing nothing,So with That in Mind I made This Page.

I have 2 different things that I have been trying out,I have a Ab Rocket twister that I had been using but,My Room is so Small that it is hard to have room to use it and then I have the Ab Glider also takes a quit a bite of Space,I have the Glider up for sale in fact but,Since people aren’t really into getting Physical ,I haven’t sold it.

But,As I said in keeping with what John said Something is better than nothing and to Modify To be able to do things,I have Got both Out today,You see With things happening in My life (me Making Changes) I am Putting on weight and I don’t want to put to much weight on so I have to work on it or should I say Get More Physical and the weight I don’t lose at least Make sure the weight I keep is in the right Places..

So,what I am where for is to tell You to Get Physical,Even if You do really need to lose weight You will feel so Much better if Your Physical ,I remember when I was working every day I felt so much better being tired from work than from just setting as I have a lot of sitting time these days,So No that I have come to Know and understand that John is right doing something any thing is better than Nothing,I think I knew that it just never sunk in …

So,today I have Been on the Glider and The Rocket today and let me tell you I can tell I haven’t been working those Muscle’s lately…

And I think You will feel so much better if You will find some thing to do as well,So Let’s Get Physical…as John Would Say BRING IT…

Have a Great and Physical Day..


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