Time for Personal things

The Promise,This is one Of my Favorite Songs By John Schneider..Reason Being is When Phil Redrow wrote this song He Hit the Nail On the Head ,IT IS so very true..

The Next song that is special to me that John Did is this One..I’ve been around enough to know..

And This is the Next One The Clip is from Fan Fair in Nashville ,Tn. I got to be there..And I loved seeing John and Tom..Your the Last thing I needed..

These are My favorites with a Reason Behind Every one..

Now  As for Time for Personal Things ,We all have things that we want in life place’s we want to go,or things we want to do.

I feel some time we get so Busy with work that we don’t have time for the Personal things ,and we might need to ask some one some thing but we are even to busy to do that we get side tracked with work or maybe we hope for a answer to the question with out it being ask,Not going to happen people need to hear the Question how can they know for sure of the Question.

And If your so busy to even ask the Question ,well then ?

People Need to take the Time to ask Question’s if they want answer’s,because If You don’t even have time to ask what can people think.Ya work is Important but ,Is it more important to You than getting a Answer to the Question or having some Manner of Personal Life ? Only You know the Answer to these Question.Only You can Know what is More Important to You../

Take the Time and think about what is Most Important to You.Will You stop and Smell the Rose’s or Not…? You and You along have the Answer..

Have a Great day ,I hope You Will take the Time…


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