Work Hard only to give what U make to others..

Isn’t it sad we all work so hard only to put all we make into someone else’s pocket.

We do all that hard work for what ?

So,someone else can pocket our money.

We Pay for their Bills while we struggle to have enough to pay our own.

Isn’t it sad ?

I mean look at Gas Price’s 2.07 a gal last I looked.

These Companies make Billions not a drop in the Bucket I’d say.

I about it how many Gal’s does it take to fill UR Car/Truck 15 ,20 and how much does that cost U ?

Now think about how many times a day some one pulls up to the pump and does as U do.

Think about how many People that live in UR town that drive a car/Truck or even a motor cycle something that takes Gas and how many Gal’s of gas a day or week that is.

Now just in UR town how much does these people make in just that short a time ?

Now what can we do ?

Nothing because we have to have a way to get around it would be very hard to walk every where we have to go now wouldn’t it?

Think now on the many other Companies that get Rich off our back’s.

I think if we can live with out these things we should,they raise the price because they know we will buy any way.And they laugh at us did U know that ?

They laugh because they get rich off our back’s because we buy even tho they raise the price not because it cost them more to make but to put money in their Pocket’s.

I say it is time to say NO to them.

And find a way to get things cheaper,The Dollar Stores for one.

And consignment shops,any thing to save a few dollars for U and UR family.

Think first of how U can save to have more for UR family and not give to these companies.

Think of ways to get what U need with out going to them.

And stop buying just for a name,like Kalvin Klin he Laughed at us when he started raising the price on the shoes and even told how he was not doing it because it cost him more to make but only to make more money.

I also warn all of the fact that to buy any PG product is to give to Satan 13% as they said it openly and when they found people Christain or not would not give to Satan they came back and said because people didn’t like such and all they would stop ,I’m here to tell U that don’t happen they lied to people to get them to come back and buy from them again.

I do not buy any Product from PG no matter what it is.I will not allow my money to go to Satan.

I hope Every one will think on what I have said ,Because I only want to get U to stop and think,A 20.00 paid Of shoe’s does the same good as a 200.00 paid,and a 20.00 paid of Jeans wear just as good as a 60.00 to 100.00 dollar pair.

Stop wasting UR money to only line someone else’s pocket..Start taking better cars of UR self instead..


God Bless U always



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