Indy Filming In Holden,La JSS


Please,every one let’s give John Schneider a hand up.

Please use the link to go to John’s store and order His Movies and music the more people that gives a hand the lower John can sell things because it want take one movie or CD to make the money he is in so much need for at this time.

He and I are very thankful for all of his fans help to get the studio back in shape.

There is so much work to do,and it takes money to do it.

And WE John and I hope that U will not only go and order but,share the link with UR friends and family so they also can order.

And any other person U know or meet that is a Dukes fan or just loves good Movies,and good Music.

Have a wonderful day every one.

Let’s get it done

Onward !

Thank U again from both John and I..






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