New,News about John Schneider.

New, News About John Schneider.

Yes I know I haven’t been here in a couple Months and I am sorry it has been a long hard road since My Mother Passed.

But,I have really tried to keep in touch with John which hasn’t been easy either.

He has gone through a lot over the last few months as well,with his Mother Passing and the flooding at Jss .

Because of the flood he is singing again,and he has a new CD out and U can order it at his online store there R 3 different ways U can have it,

U can just get the CD with out him signing it or he will sign it for U or U can have him sign it with Your Name ,of Cho. It cost a little more for the extra’s.

But,it’s for a good cause it’s to help fix the studio after the flood.

So I do hope every one will go and order it and help John it the Studio in top shape again.

And Also he also has some of his new Movies there for sale and there again U can get them all 3 ways.

One of them is like son,oh the name of the CD is Ruffled Skirts,I order mine and also got the Download from CD Baby and let me tell U I so love it,I know U will to.The CD starts at 29.99 but it is Autographed and 39.99 presonalized ..It is worth every cent..

Now back to the movies,If U still haven’t got Collier & co it is there 19.99 to start with as the signing it will cost more,30.00 signed,40.00 personalized and if U don’t have Smothered yet it is also there 30.00 Signed ,like son starts at 19.00 and 30.00 signed ,40.00 personalized..

He also has a movie that U can preorder called Anderson Bench 19.99

John also now has Vimeo And has Clips of his movies posted there so U can check them out and you’ll find there are more movies than I have even listed here.

There are quite a few movies there and Do U know U can even watch them on Demand ?

And guess what they don’t cost alot to stream them on your phone or laptop.

And after watching there U can order if U like or not,isn’t that just

Any way,I SO WANTED to come and blog it all U could go and get the CD or a movie or even Both and help John in all he is doing to get JSS back in top shape.

God Bless all that go and help John out in his time of trouble’s.

He has given us so many wonderful Movies and Music over the years now he is in need of a hand up I do hope we can band together and make JSS better than ever before.

Let’s get it done.

On ward!!


This is a older post just a little added ,to help people find it..


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