Matter’s of life

I’ve been thinking a lot of late.

The things on my mind are things that I should never ever have to think about at all.

I’m not a Young Girl any more,not that I think about it I don’t look or feel my age.

But,when U look for work U have to put UR Birth Date on any App U fill out.

For some people that is something that they shouldn’t know.

I put in 100’s of App’s before getting a job,then when I got a job I had to give them My ID and all.

Then I had to watch as the Personal manage turned white and just kept looking back and forth between me and My ID.

I wondered if he could have backed out of hiring me if he wouldn’t,But I do believe that’s why I ended up being hired part time instead of full time.

And after Months of working and being there every shift never missing a shift in over 4 months and other younger people that hasn’t been there but a few weeks get hired full time over me.People that were hired long after me.

I called Corp. about the things that were going on,and they got a call from them and told what they had to do and one of the Manager’s stood in a meeting and said he might get into trouble but,I’m going to do it any way.

And he hired another Young girl hired after me.

So,I made another phone call and talked to some one in another office and nothing,So yesterday I got a phone call from no less than the Human Res..manage I told them last time that my age should never matter if I get hired.

She said ,that she thought me being hired at all should prove they were Age Discriminating And I said I thought Jammy was the only one that knew but,as I said he didn’t really know either until it was to late.

And then over hear one of the Manager’s talking about what they are doing to keep from Hiring me full time.

But,I already knew this was only conformation of what I already knew.

And,I told the last woman I talked to about it.

I also told her I had every right to work and make a living no matter how old I am ,I have a right to have a roof over my head and food on my table.

And ,I’m coming to a place that I’m getting tired of giving them the chance to do the right thing.

The next call want be to them it will be to some one to do their own investigation and then they want like it.

But,I have given them every chance to do the right thing in this matter.

And I want keep letting them give me the run around on this ,this is to Important to let them get away with it.

Let me tell U ladies of age same as men of age have a right to work and make a living same as the Young kids they give jobs to that don’t give a crap if they work or not.

They get hired and they show up when they want to and then they are fired.

And person that has to pay bill and make a living is there every day they should be not when it is convenient ..

Any way,this is what has been on my mind for a little while now.

I am going to call this guy back and see what he has to say then,Depending on what he say’s I’ll be making another call.

It’s against the law and morally wrong to do this and I want let these people get away with this.

Have a Great one every one…stay safe in all U to all..


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