Well,I thought I’d be able to get here more often.

But,life don’t always go like we want it to does it ?

I have gone back to work 3rd shift after all the Problems,thing is it also is a Part time job and It isn’t easy to make ends meet on what You make working part time.

And working 3rd shift well,You get off at 6 or 7 depending on where you work.

Now we all know not much is open at those hours any more,so you wait until 8 or 9 for things to open and then you run like mad trying to get things done before you have to no questions ask lay down and sleep,well you sleep until the very last min. you get up and run around getting ready then out the door to work and the cycle starts,this is your life..

And on your day off you play catch up on every thing you can.

And,some times the little things you don’t get to is the most important one’s..

So,I think we must rethink what is important in life in our lives..We lose so much because we are losing to many very important things..

People think money and Power is the most important things,I hate to tell them Family and love is the most important things in life.

I work as many hours as I can you think you know the reason,well to tell the truth there is 2 reasons..

I do it to ,keep from thinking,and to just get by..

People don’t always understand,so I keep a lot to my self about things.

I could tell people what I go through every day but,why ? They could never understand..

Any way,I’m very sorry that life has got in the way of my posting here but,life is what it is and we deal with it the best we can and move on.

I know I have to go and get things done and get some sleep in a little while for the shift tonight.

Have a great one every one,stay safe in all you do…love to all…100_2647


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