Getting Ahead..

Getting Head ? What is Getting ahead ?

Is there a such thing as getting ahead ? Really Is there ?

I mean think about it U get one Problem solved and another one pops Up.

Get one bill paid off and Bang there is another one.

U get a raise at work and the but,what good did it really do after all taxes goes up and them the bills goes up.

So,tell me is there really a such thing as getting ahead.

U see I took care of my Mother for almost 5 years then I had to get back into the work force and let me tell U It wasn’t easy.

At my age more so,I make money alright but not even enough to live a half way decent life.

I have been checking around and even the cheapest place in town cost almost as much as I make every pay day.

And leaves very little for gas to and from work and food and so on.

Do U know how depressing that is ?

U work hard all week or 2 weeks and the biggest part of UR money goes to taxes,

And U wonder how UR expected to live on what is left ?

But,there isn’t one darn thing U can do about it,all U can really do is fuss about it and go on.

It’s like U need 2 full time Jobs to live and how can one person be in 2 places at once right ?

They can’t and every one knows that so what can a person do ?

I work at the Wal mart here in town and last night I noticed a woman in her late 30’s or early 40’s sitting out in the front of the store,she sat there all evening and then at my lunch at 2 am she was still there she had laid over on her bags and went to sleep.

I felt so bad for her she had no where to go,why else would she be there like that ?

No one sits in Wal Mart all night when they have a Home to go to,or for that matter any where else they can go.

This is happening more and more across the Country because of what is going on in Washington DC right now.

All we can do Is Pray for our Country and the People out there with no where to live because there are no Jobs or because they don’t make enough to pay rent and Light’s and have food..People are having to make the Choice between Food and a roof over their head and it’s very sad.

The thing I guess that bothered me the most Is that was almost me,I was having Problems with a place to be myself after My Mom got to a Place she needed to be Placed and then Passed away.

I just have a God that Opened Doors for me to have a roof over my head and food to eat.

If I hadn’t Had a Wonderful God I could be sitting some where like that.

And I so Pray that she will be able to find some one that will help her to have at least those things.

I hate the fact that she has no where to go or maybe no one in her life to help her.

U would think if she had some one they would open their doors and let her have a place to live until she could get a job and a place to live.

It’s such a sad know that there is someone in that circumstance’s and there is nothing that U can do because U UR self need to get on UR feet.

So,tell me is there a real thing as getting a head ?

I wonder if that lady is asking the same question where ever she has found to sleep tonight.

I hope she is warm and has food to eat,I can’t help but to think about her and hope and pray she is and will be ok.

Every one be Thankful for every thing U have and please be willing to help those with less,some day if things do change It could very easily be U or a family member that is in need of help.

I’m so sad thinking about this lady,we all know there are People out there all over the country like her.

And now come place’s are not allowing any one to give them food or a cup of coffee,how sad is that ?

I hope this city never does that,these people need to have some one to reach out to them,what happens when even the Churches are just in Jail for giving some one food ?

It is happening U know in some places.

What are these people going to do ?

How will the make it for very long out on the street with no food either,nothing ?

Why is it that people don’t put them self in others shoes and think about how they would feel if it were them ?

How would these people like it if they had no place to live ,no job no hope of one and when some one offered them food they put them in Jail ?

I hope no one will ever pass up a person that is able to buy a extra cup of coffee or hamburger to give to that person,it just might be the first and last thing they get to eat that day,wouldn’t U like to know that U feed some one that might not have other wise had even one meal ..

i know I need to get out of here and try and maybe get some rest I worked last night as I said and I haven’t been able to even think about sleep yet ,Maybe now I can..

Have a great one every one ,stay safe in all U do..

love to all


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