Soomething that Runs Cheap

I am in need of a very cheap Running Vehicle ,I don’t care what it looks like but,a must Run.

My car quit on me and I can’t seem to get any one to work on it and get it going,so I must find something that is running as cheap as I can.

I have been trying to save for it but,when U live from day to day it is hard to do.

I have been staying with family and I need get a place of my own and off their couch.

I’m working 3rd shift at the wal mart here and I have to have a way to and from work before I can start looking for a place to move.

And I so need to get moved,so if there is any one that has something they can let go for 500.00 or less and it runs and will not cost me a arm and leg to keep going for awhile please let me know ..

As I said I don’t care about looks I need a running Vehicle as soon as I can get one.

Thanks so Much.


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