When I think of Family.

When I think of family,I think of some one that will love me and be there for me no matter what.
Isn’t that what family does ?
I never think I should get paid for anything I do for family,after all isn’t that the way U should be ?
But,then I don’t do things for any one thinking I should be paid for it.
I just think people should do what they can to help every one in need that’s just who I am.

But,I do like being used,I don’t think any one does.
I think if people would Stop and think how they would feel if it were them they would treat people much better.
Don’t U ?
And then the world would be a much better place to live..Don’t U Agree ?

I have want I will call a So called family,U see we are family by Blood but,when It comes to treating family like family should be treated forget it.
That just don’t happen.
And I have never understood it.
My family as always come knocking at my door only when they wanted something.
When one of them came around the first thing I ask was what do U want.
They always had a answer for me to believe me.
It’s a Shame to see some one coming more so family and start trying to think of a reason they would come around /what they might want.
But,that’s the way it has been for me ever since I was old enough to work(baby sit) at about 12 years old.
The one and only time My Mother stood up for me was over the fact that if I had money My family was bleeding me try and never ever had a penny if I needed it.

Nothing has changed out side of the fact that there is more of them to do that now.
Brothers have wives and kids now.
Even tho My Parents have both since passed on and I still haven’t really sit down and thought about how I actually felt about them so I can’t say on that one.
Yes,I was sad when they Passed as I am when any one passes,no more no less.
I mean,I have known People that their Parent Passed and they were just no good for much for a long time because of their lose.
Me I was only sad,not feeling what I know as a Daughter I should be feeling.
And it’s because I was never treated as Family and still am not.
I’m treated no better and maybe not even as good as a total stranger on the street.

Let me ask U if your Brother /Sister had a problem and You can fix it for them Would You ?
Now,would you expect them to pay you knowing they didn’t have much and needed what little they did have?
Mine did,Mine want touch any thing for me with out I pay them,now If I could pay some one would I need their help in the first place?
Family should just be there to Help no matter what when your in need that is just what being family is all about.

Now,I have a sister in law that is so 2 faced that you need to check which face she is waring before talking to her even.
She has from day one run me down to my back and she thinks I’m so stupid I don’t know it.
There is nothing wrong with my ears for one and for another people are so shocked when she does it they tell me about it.
She got me fired from a good job a few months ago,and she thinks I’m so stupid that I don’t know it.
She forgets I was there when she took a Picture of my on my PC at work,She also forgets I was there when she sent the same Picture to a coworker.
And not long after I get fired and she thinks I’m so stupid that I can’t put 2 and 2 together..
Then one of the Girls I worked with on first shift text me and told me the Whole story,I wasn’t wrong.
But,she still say’s she did nothing..

Oh,well if she can sleep at night knowing what she does I can for sure.

I just can’t get over any one being so cruel to any one I don’t care who it is.

I mean I took care of My Mother for almost 5 Years because the Boys didn’t have time to baby sit as they put it,want a shame.
Any way,when She got to a place where she had to be placed in the Nursing home I had no place to go no money nothing because every thing was Her’s.
And this woman (my sister in law) didn’t want to help with nothing but,she was right there when she though she was going to get something ,tell me that isn’t Bad ?
She should have more respect for her Husband and his Family if he don’t want to be a part of this family why is she ?
If she don’t love and respect her Husband why is she with him ?

You see I just don’t get people at all,If she love’s her Husband she should treat his family with respect and try to do for them just has she would expect him to be for her family,but nope she wants him to kiss her families butt but,never for his nothing..

How can You call this family..?

I don’t !!
I call them so called family..

Have a wonderful one ..
love to all…


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