When do you say no instead of helping some one ?

Well,I got a job and worked every hour I could working double shifts back to back even.Doing every thing I could to get the Money I needed to do what I needed to do,Fix my car/buy another car,get a place to live.

But,My sister in law decide to take a Photo of me looking down leaning on my hand and laughed and told people I was a sleep.

Word reached the CEO and I was let go,when I was told that was why I was let go she denied it,But I knew they was telling the truth.

I may not always remember every thing But I do remember her doing that.

The things this why would she do it ?

People they sure are something some times.

Why they do the things they do,to hurt some one that has done nothing but try to help them ..

I’m the kind of person that would give you the shirt off my back if it would help some one,but for what ever reason I find that most of the time the same people that I have been there for and done all I can to help is the very one’s doing every thing they can to hurt me.And I don’t get it.

It seem’s the better you are to people the worse they treat you..

It’s like they feel that because your as good to them as you are you will just keep right on being there for them no matter how they treat you.

When do you set your foot down and say enough ? When do you say no your just using me and I want let you do that any more ?

When do you say I’ve been used enough by some one ?

I hate to see any one in need and know I could help them and not do it.

But,It looks as if I may have to start doing just that.

Not that I like to even think of it but,what can one do ?

I don’t know what people think I am a Bank ?

Do they think I’m rich or some thing ?

Don’t they think I should be able to live ?

What is it with these people,do they think so little of me that they don’t care if I have what I need as long as they can get me to give to them what they want ?

These are things that go through my mind every day,because of they way I’m treated by these people.


Don’t we all wish we could understand people ?

Why they do the things they do ?

So ,we can know where to draw the line on helping people.

Funny thing is when we need Help there is no one there to help.

They call us free loaders if we need help those same people that we have been there many times to help.

Make’s you wonder how can they be so cold and hard hearted with you when you were there for them many times.

But,there it is right in front of you and there is no way around  the fact that it is happening.

The Big Question is Why ?

In all my years I haven’t got a answer to the Big Question,I don’t guess there is one to be found.

All I know is the better I have been to people the worse I have been treated..

Some day maybe I’ll know why this is..


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