What people want do..

Don’t U just love it when All U very do is try to help some one and all they ever do is run U down ?

Yep,I go through it every day,and it is getting so very old.
I get so tired of doing every thing I can to help family member’s only to over hear them running me down.

Saying things they know full good and well isn’t true.
And knowing how much I’ve helped them and done for them when I could.

No right now I can’t even help My self but,I still do what I can to help them and they still do me the same old way.

Some day they are going to need me and I’m not going to be any where to be found and they will miss the old Door mat they walked all over.
Then what will they do?

My entire life has been helping some one to the point that I have never had much of my own.
But,one day all that will change and they will have no one to run down while they are doing all they can to help them.

I just don’t understand people that do such a thing.Why are people not thankful for those in their life that do all they can to help them instead of miss treating them ?

I mean there are so many people out there that would be great full to have some one in their life doing every thing they could to help them.I know I would love to have some one in my life that cared enough about me to be there trying to help me like I have these people.

I just don’t get people any more.Or maybe I never really did.
I mean for the last few years it seems to be getting worse about people not understanding they have so much more than 100’s or even 1000’s of people out there.

And I don’t get all the ad’s to help Children over sea’s when there are so many right here in this country that go to bed hungry every night,if they even have a bed to sleep in.
It’s a shame U know ?
And how about the homeless right here in this country there are so many and now in some states U can’t even give them meal or cup of coffee unless U are ready to go to jail tell me that isn’t sad ? But they are asking U to send money over sea’s..
Not a dime for over sea’s while there are Homeless and hungry Children right here in this country.
Feed and house our own first..

I saw a ad a little while ago about homeless vet’s yes they should have homes but,so should every other Human being out there.
There should be homes for every one they can’t tell me that there isn’t empty Apt’s in their
Gov.housing the problem is these were set up for people like them yet now U have to have income to get into them,Why can’t they let these people live in these low income housing that’s what they where built for in the first place.
No,they would rather see people homeless than to do what they know is right.
Give these People a home.

I just don’t understand how people became so cold hearted and cruel.
There was a time that if some one knew any one had a problem they got together and helped them not any more they don’t want to know if the person living down the street is in need or not.And that to me is very sad.

Now don’t get me wrong every one isn’t like that and I know it but,look around U tell me how many of the people around U is that way.
More now than ever before it has become a money world more and more people are into money.
Yea,I know it take’s money to live I know that more so now than ever before.
I am having to camp out my self on some one’s Sofa it’s not fun to be down and doing every thing U can to get on UR feet and all the while people running U down because UR in need instead of being able to give to them for a change.

The saying U know who UR friends are when UR down is so very true..
Don’t believe me ? Well I so hope U never have to find out first hand like I have.

Well,The saying what goes around comes around is very true to.
I’m just so very tired of hearing what a sorry person I am when all I’ve ever done is try to be there for every one I could,my whole life now that I’m in need I become this sorry low down human being.

No I hope no one else ever has to know first hand about such things.

I’m working PRN now not getting enough hours at all,and my car is down so every penny I get has to go one getting it fixed.
Not fun to know all the hours U put in is going to have to go to fixing UR car so you’ll have a way to work in the first place.When what U need to be doing is saving money to get on UR feet.
I mean getting a place to live so UR not camping out on some one’s sofa.

Well,I’m all in and I need to get off here and try and rest.
I have to work 3rd shift tomorrow night so I’ve been trying to stay up so I can sleep and be able to be up for work.
Tons of fun,I hope to get my car running this weekend.
If I do I can work other shifts and maybe get enough hours to get my own place.

Wish me luck every one,some day maybe I can get another better car but for now this one is at least paid for and I don’t have to worry about a car Payment I can’t pay.

Good Night/day every one have a great one ..
Stay safe in all U Do..love to all


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