What Next ?

Well,I’ve been here there and every where.

After My Mother Passed I have left here going to another state and then had to go to another state.
And I ended up right back where I started.
And for all that I am not a lot better off than when I started.

I do now do have at least a Part time Job where I didn’t before.
But,Now my Car has a Busted Water hose sitting in the Parking lot and I’m having to share a Truck that Belongs to My Brother he works 3rd Shift and I can’t get the hours I really need because Of that and I don’t have but 24 or so hrs to be Paid Friday and I have to hope there will be enough Money to get It fixed and Put gas in it for 2 weeks and a Pair of pants because They want me to wear K’s and I don’t have any..

My Life just seems to keep getting Better,U know..?

I’m staying with Family Ya,but I wonder how much longer that will work because of they way things are going around here,Here lately lies are flying,about things that shouldn’t be..

A person can only do so much after that there is nothing they can do..
And God knows I’ve don’t all I can to get the Job I need to have to get a Place of my own and on my feet.
But,there is not one thing more I can do than I have all ready done.
But ,No one seems to know it or care.
I don’t know which.

And then there is that old feeling of not being wanted around again,but what can one do ?

One can only Do what they are able to do.

Any way,that’s what has been on my mind this evening.
So,very sad when U can’t even depend on family to be there with a Helping Hand with out
Being made to feel Your really not so much as wanted around.
But,when they need something Your the First to try your Best to help even in all Your going through.
And feel bad because You can’t help out in there time of need because of your own troubles.

It makes Your want to cry and if you though it would do any good you might just do it.
But,U know it want so you don’t.
And You have already learned along time ago not to ask for help from people because you know what the answer is going to be a very loud NO..
So,You also don’t waste your time and Breath asking for help.. You just do the best you can own your own.

I’ve learned to just do what is right by people and not ask for any thing from them because You sure want get it.At least I never have,I do mean never..

I really hope every one else has had and does have it much better than what I do and have.
Have a very Blessed night.
Take care and stay safe in all you do.
Love to all..


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