Age why does It Matter ?

You Know I don’t get why a person’s age should Matter when any one is looking for work,They tell you it don’t.

But,It does I’ve been learning that the hard way these last few months.

I’ve been looking for work now for a while I got work in Muncie,In through a Temp service,But I take Notice to people,how they act when they get My ID,because I’ve had trouble in the Passed when I was much Younger than I am now,getting a Job.

They at first saw no reason why I couldn’t get the Job,then I give them My ID to make Copies of for their Records they say,Boom it’s all over they start back stepping so hard and fast they are tripping over them self,and that’s only after the Blood get’s back in their face and their speech returns.

What has a Persons age got to do with the fact that they need a job to make a living.

And don’t think I doesn’t work the other way around to it does.

And I see it this way if a person is of working age what difference does it make how old they are ?

If they didn’t need to make a living they wouldn’t be sitting there trying to get the job and that’s all that should Matter,that and if they can do the Job.

Why do they tell You age don’t Matter when they know full Good and well it does,I’ll tell You way they don’t want You to take them to court and own the Company..

People should start taking some one with them and say You don’t mind if I record do You,if they ask why say for my records.

Because that what it would be for,so that if they do make your age a Problem you have a record.

I’m going to start doing that I’m tired of the back stepping my self..

Food for though…

Have a great evening every one..


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