Helpping people

If some one set’s out to help some one doesn’t that mean treating them well,with respect as well ?

Like right now I’m in a bad spot and I had no choice but,to ask for help.

Well,does that mean I don’t deserve respect ?

Does that mean that if I try to help in return I’m to be lied on and complained about?

I mean I know I can’t do much out side of the little things because I don’t have a job,But I’m looking for one from the time I get up until I’m so tired of applying for one I have to just quit for the night.I have applied for every thing I’ve ever done in my life .

There just don’t seem to be a opening,I can’t make one nor can I make some one hire me.

But,this person seems to think I can,what are they thinking ? Really ..

A person can only do so much,after that it is some one else’s hands.

I have one Guy that said he had a job and then He didn’t have that one but,he had another one,and Had me calling him every day.Well,I called him as he ask me to this morning and he again put me off,I’m starting to wonder if there ever was a job.

Anyway,he was going to call me back in a hour that was at 8 am here it is 4:03 and he still hasn’t called me back.

Wouldn’t You start to wonder about this person ?

Any way,the Person that is complaining should stop and think about how they would feel if they were in my shoes.

But,no one ever thinks about how they would feel before doing something or no one would ever mistreat any one would they Now ?

Thing is,I ask for help and it was given and now that it is taking longer than they think It should they now are Complaining.

I’m sorry it is taking longer than any one thought it would,I don’t like it any better than they do ,but what can one do ?

There isn’t one darn thing One can do,just keep after it is all they can do,and pray ..And I for one am Praying things change really soon I’m going nut’s..But,in the mean time I really think the person that is so disrespectful needs to get a grip and find the respect they lost some where..

I don’t think any one should be disrespected for any reason.. ?What Do U think about it ?

Have a Great rest of the day,stay safe in all you to all..New Photo's 008 (2)


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