Can’t believe what I found out …

I found out that my son thinks I’m As smart as a box of rocks.

He was told I told My Daughter and her man they shouldn’t be parents and he believed it.

I may look stupid but,that don’t mean I am…

I put over 200 a month into this house and it isn’t enough for him,he thinks I should give him every penny I make and let my bills go Not going to happen..

I put all I can afford in here and that is either enough or I’ll have to find another place to live and he can get along with out any help from me…

How sad some people can only think every one owes them a living..

I don’t intend to pay any ones way and let them sit on their back side and do nothing,not doing to happen..

He needs to get that through his thick head..

Well I just don’t know about people like him…

Any way,stay safe every one ,take good care to all…


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