Moved to Muncie,In

I’m staying with my Daughter and Her Family.

U see After I Placed My Mother in the Nursing Home her health just got worse and all of Her organs started shutting down and on Aug,16 she Passed away.

But,Because of her S.S being the only income there was when I placed her I had to find a Place to be,and find a Job..

So, I moved here..well ,It isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

I love My Grand Children and love being able to see them every day but,I really don’t care for having to deal with some things I deal with,like I wasn’t told they didn’t really have the room for me here and that I would have to sleep on the couch in the living room.Nor was I told that my Grand son (Josh) was so spoiled and that they didn’t clean house unless his Brother Jeff was coming.

I can’t stand a nasty house,and told them so,but they still don’t clean..

Josh got so bad for awhile that he was telling them no when he was told to do something or not to do something.

One day he made the mistake of saying no to me,U can bet he will never make that mistake again.

After that they have started doing a little better at making him do what he is told,but there is still the problem of him going behind their back which isn’t hard since they stay in the TV or on the Computer all day,any way he get’s in to things and has even got on my Computer and I said they would replace it if they let him damage it.So,they do better at keeping him off of it at least.

They have a lazy problem,he I’m told can’t work well that maybe so but what is My daughters reason for not working ? And them expecting every one else to pay for their living.

I made the statement that with both of them here all day this house should be spotless all the time,Nope not unless Jeff is coming in ,I know with out being told he is coming in because Matt is either cleaning or has cleaned the house.

I told my son the other day that renting a Hotel room would be better than this.

They have 2 boy’s and 2 dogs and now 3 cat’s they can’t pay the bills and feed them selves but,they feel the need to have these poor animals as well to feed..And on top of that they don’t get up and take them out like they should and U can guess what the Dogs do about that can’t U ? And U can I bet guess it don’t smell very good either.

They think Jeff should go out and buy new Couches and things for the house,Jeff said No way he would do that and I don’t blame him with the dogs being allowed to do as they want.He said if he got new stuff it wouldn’t last and he’s right.

I think the whole thing is sad.

I will get my own Place as soon As I get caught up on the bills U can bet on that.

But,I may be in trouble with that because I have been told at work that we will be cut back to about 7.5 hour’s And we want get a full 8 2morrow and we aren’t working Monday so that hurt’s and even after this month there may not even be a Job for me at all because of the winter months work just isn’t there.So,some of us be be gone and with most place’s the last people hired is the first to go that means me.

So,Those of U that Pray please keep me in them..I sure need a lot of them right now for sure.

Any way,Have a Great one ,stay safe in all U do…Love to all


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