Knowing Who Care’s

Let Me tell U ,I have Been Doing a lot here lately .

I have been Taking Care Of My 80 Year old Mother for going on to 4 Years and Her Health Has Been Going down More so these last few Months.

So I decided it was time to let go and let her go into the Nursing Home.

Well,When U Take care of a Family Member in my state U don’t get Paid By the state to do that,So in taking care of for for these Years I had and have no income.

Now that I’m Having for what is best for her letting her be Placed in a Nursing Home I have to Find work and let me tell U that Is not fun,and What Makes it worse is I only Have until July 1st to do that.

And I have found a long time ago that U know who really give’s a care when UR in need to a Friend or Family to be there for U.

Instead of getting Help from My Family what I’m Getting is a text every day How is UR mom?

Hey,Get off UR duff and go see Her find out for UR self,Stop asking me.

I have More than enough on my Plate right now.I can’t believe these People.When they should be Helping they R adding to my stress.

And I have learned really quick that if U ask them to help in any way they have a Reason handy that they can’t ,I understand U can’t help with Money because It’s Hard on any one to take care of their own right now let alone help someone else.

But,when some one ask U to come help with Moving things around Or something of that nature U should be willing if UR family and U give a care.

I have 3 Brothers and Neither one has offered to Help with Mother over the time I’ve had her,now when I’m doing this to help her with

Medical Needs they still Have Not Offered any help.
It’s Like I’m a Only child,U Know what I mean ?
It would really be nice If they would at least ask If there was Something They could do to help,and give time from Just Sitting on the back side all week end U know ? Just saying ..If U can’t trust and depend On Family Then Who Can U truth and Depend On ?

U see Right Now My Plate is Not Only Full But Running Over,and Instead of My Family Being there to Help in any way at all they R adding to it,what a Rotten Shame.

I hope No one else has Family Like Mine..Don’t get Me Wrong I love My Family,But It would Be nice if they Cared enough about their Family to be there in times like these,I mean They Just assume I’ll do for them when they need Me to be ,taken For GRANTED is what I am..

Any way this is why I haven’t Been doing My Blogging of Late.
I MISS having the Better things to Blog about ..
And I know that People Understand Life is not all Honey and Pie but,U don’t want to go and read About some one’s Problems U have enough of UR own Right ?

Any way,every One have a Great one take good care Being safe in all U Do..
Love to All<3


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