All in a day

Wonderful That John Is Moving His Mom Closer to Him so He Can Be there for her more Now at this time In her life..


It’s amazing how a lifetime can come down to a single day. I am in the process of packing up my mother’s house to move her to Louisiana and am amazed by the memories contained in her home.

Photos on the wall from Dukes, Grand Hotel, Collier and company…
Children who were not yet adults by creeks that looked like raging rivers to them at the time…
Young eyes full of hope, dreams and promise…
Long forgotten songs with the #1 beside them in a magazine called Billboard…

Life encapsulated. Lives… encapsulated. Fascinating.

Hard to know with every coffee cup, photograph, stuffed animal and thing “As Seen On TV” which ones need to make the journey. Surely they don’t all need to survive the move.

But who am I to decide? I’m in the pictures, on the cups and maybe even provided a stuffed animal or two but what do I…

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