Thinking about Love and Marriage..

I woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep,Got to thinking on things.
I could live with most things with out a Problem in a Marriage but,I Can’t and want even think about Marring a Man that tells me He Loves me while Dating any one else,and I can’t help it I just will never even try to understand a Man Dating their EX Wife while telling me he Loves me and wants to Marry me,I’m sorry can’t and want even go there.That to me is out there.

I know we all have picked up Habit’s in our life and we some time’s do or say things and don’t even think about it,we just do them.
I can live with those and even be there to help them get passed them Support them in the getting passed them.
The only things I want deal with is disrespect & Cheating or Abuse of any kind those kinds of things I want Live and or Deal with,and I don’t know any one that would for any amount of time.

Love is Blind they say and maybe that is some what true.
I know that if a Person really is in love with some one it’s hard to look them in the Eye and say No to any think they want.Reason being U want them to Be Happy.
Wanting the person U love to be Happy at all cost is the first thing a Person in love wants more than any thing else.

When A man or Woman Cheats on one or the other I wonder if they ever really were in love because why would they do some thing they know full good and well is going to hurt the other so very much.Not even counting the Disrespect that they are showing the other.

I guess some People either don’t understand that or maybe they just aren’t in love with the Person as they say or think they are,maybe every one should stop and think really long and hard about it before they even tell some one they are in love with them,know that they want them to be happy all cost.
The thing is that Both being in love will want the other to be happy at all cost Do U see what I’m saying ?

Some time’s Being in love with some one mean’s letting them go if that is where their Happiness is no matter how hard it is or how much it hurts,U let them go because U want them to be Happy..
And I for one would rather see the Person I was in love with Happy doing what Made them Happy than to see them miserable with me.I wouldn’t want him to be trapped in a Marriage when He wanted to be free to go do things he didn’t think he could and be My Husband.
But,there are things that can be worked out if people will sit down and talk things out instead of just walking away.
Sadly most of the time people walk away instead of talking things out.

I guess I can understand that to a point tho remembering how well that worked for me,I mean trying to talk things through.It don’t always work it ends up with some one screaming and yelling..And U just give up trying and walk away.

Any way ,my Point is I can live with a lot and have but,I want even think of living with some things.There are some things No one should have to live with.

I’m sure of this a Person should be very sure of what they want when they ask a woman to Marry..
He should Know He is in love with her and can except who she is and is will to stand by her and support her in any changes she may need to make in her life just has he would want her to stand by him in all he does and except him for who and what he is.
U see Marriage is a two way street not a one way one..
The same things a Man wants and expects from a woman on the Personal Note the Man should be just as willing for the Woman he say’s he is in love with..
I’m willing to Stand by the Man I’m in love with and I would Hope He would be just as willing to stand by me if He was in love with me.
I think if 2 People are really in love there isn’t to much they can’t work through if they really want to.
A Man needs to think about how he would feel if the shoe was on his foot,before doing something to a woman,oh and yes same goes for a woman.Come on it’s all a matter of respecting the other person’s feeling…And If U really love them that shouldn’t be hard.Now should it ?


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