Some people…

A wonderful Thank U,from a wonderful Actor


It never ceases to amaze me that there are people out there who seem to be geared…

…no… designed…

To be helpful.

They come to the studio… work all day (and I’m talking HARD work) make a huge change in the place and then…


They Thank Me when they leave.

Thank ME!

For letting them come over and work their butts off for little more than fellowship.

These are amazing people and I want to thank them right now… on Easter Sunday because I know they are out there celebrating and won’t be able to say something like “Oh, don’t thank me… It was nothing.”

I’m taking this opportunity to do something that I highly recommend you do to those around you who are the same way…

To Dan who cuts the grass… thank you my friend. You have a gift. Watching you out there makes me jealous of…

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