When U have done all U can.

When a Person want’s to do what is right and does all they can.

I mean doing the right thing as best of their ability and knowledge that all I think should be expected of them.

But,Some people think for some reason that’s not enough..

They them self wouldn’t do half what U have or do Yet they want U to do more.

I have ask my self why is that over and over and for the life of me can’t come up with an answer.

The only thing that comes to mind is that they know they couldn’t or wouldn’t do any of what UR doing or have done.

And that Greened eyed Monster has got hold of them.And they want U to feel worthless or inferior because it Makes them feel better some how.I my self wouldn’t want to make some feel bad about them self to try to look better or feel better about my self ,Because I don’t think I would feel better about myself doing some one that way.

I am my own worse Critic ,I don’t need some one talking down to me about what I do,I do enough of that my self.

It comes from being talked down to my whole life,And I can’t understand why any one would do that to a child.If a Man or woman or both don’t want a Child for God Sake’s don’t have one.I see so many Children that have been abused in one way or another and it’s so sad.

My Mother wanted a Boy what she got was a girl and I could tell U stories about what I endured my life thru because of it.And Still do my best , I have tried to do what I thought was right for the last few years,and not at all Appreciated for all I do.But,what can one do ?

Not one thing,all I or any one can do is what they can after that U or I have to walk away from the situation,and let either some one else see what they can do in the matter or leave them to their own problems to handle them in their own way.

At,least U know U or have tried our best and that’s all any one can do.Most of us try to do what is right Don’t we ? Any one that has a heart at all will try to do for others no matter what..

And that is what I have done these last few years,I wouldn’t want to see any one that could be at home in a Nursing home,But it looks as tho I am given no choice now but,to let it go and walk away from trying to keep my Mother at home.It looks as tho I’ve done all I can now so,I must start making those arrangements whether I want to or not.If she would rather be in one then there is nothing else I can do.Now is there ?






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