Love,Life and understanding

Status Update
By Fay Jackson
I am so confused I don’t Know what to think any more,it’s one thing one second and something else the next,Now am I to know what to do or think with this going on ? I’d Love a straight Answer to a simple Matter,I don’t think I ask a lot.People Make Choice’s about things in their life it’s not hard.Their Is things that only God can Change about us but we have Choice’s to make and only we can make them.What is in UR heart God Can change if Need be but,only we can choose to let him make those changes for sure.But,We even as Human beings know right from wrong and we choose to do one or the other that’s Simple Don’t U think.And when We love some one it shouldn’t be hard to choose to do what is right by them ,so in that light It shouldn’t be hard to show them U love them,like no one has a Problem showing the Mother/Father or Children they love them do they ? Well,why then is it so hard to do the same with a Girl Friend or Wife ? I don’t get it ..They have no Problem picking up the Phone and Calling them and saying I love U,or taking the time out of a busy life to visit them so why then do they not have time for those Girl friends they say they want to Marry..I just Plain old don’t get it..The way some of them treat these Women /Girls makes me wonder if they aren’t trying to push them away rather than to get them to Marry them and It has me very confused,I mean If U love a Woman/Girl I would think U would treat them Better than U would any one else in UR life,I mean I would,If I loved some one I don’t think there is any where I wouldn’t go with them or walk away from,But I would have to know I was loved and had a good reason to do all those things.I wouldn’t want to be made a fool of no more than they would.So,if there is a answer I am Praying to have it,and soon..I can’t get this off my mind these days..
I’m doing all I can to get all the stress out of my life,well as much as I can any way..Not to say this is stress full but,it sure is Something that I’d love to get a answer to so I can put it away and not think about it any more.U see in my mind love is easy to show and shouldn’t ever have to be questioned but,from what I understand from some one it isn’t for them and I don’t get that..I’ve always thought that love was something U wanted to shout from the roof top not hide U know..? So,I don’t understand this Person at all.



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