Life and Expections

Life is not a bed of Rose’s it would be great if all of our Dreams and expectations came true but they Don’t there are Disappointment’s that life it’s how we deal with them that make’s the difference.When U no longer have the Dream U started out with and had a expectation of getting and U no longer have that what can U do next,U have to get a grip on UR self after U have Cried until U feel there is No More tear’s left to Cry,and Except the Facts as they R and Move on as best as U know how and hope that some day U’ll find some thing to Replace what U have lost some day,That may never happen But,there has to come a place of Peace and exception before U can even begin to move on.Because when U realize U no longer have the Dream or Expectation of the one thing that has been UR motivation for every thing in life for half of UR life ,it’s a Horrible lose ,it’s like losing half UR life and Now U have to start over,It’s worse than Working In a Company UR whole Life and after 40 Years of working in that Company In Closes the doors and Now U have to start over and UR go where do I start at this age ? Well,Where does One start after almost 40 years of the same Dream and expectation when they no longer have them,When all the tears have dried up ? If It has Nothing to do with work and U have work U can turn to it U can Live to work and Work to live,and If UR a Man maybe find Women to fill the Empty moments ,But some where U have to deal with the lose ,and the emptiness in the soul..And I have to wonder how Does one deal with that emptiness in the soul,How does one get that part of them self Back that was lost/Taken away that day ?


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