Thoughts of the day (Relationship’s)

I  was just thinking About how hard some people will work for a job,and or to have things but when It comes to a Relationship they want do one thing,they think it should just be there for them when and if they want it,Wrong Not going to happen no matter who U R if you want a Relationship no matter what kind it is U have to want it as much or More than any Job ,Car ,House Money ,What ever it is that makes U go after it so hard,and If a person that Love’s U more than life Keeps Putting them self out there and U keep in some way telling them that something else is more important to U than they R what do U expect them to do ? And If U keep telling them that they R the last thing U think about every thing else is more Important to think on or do than to make time for them U know what one day U will knock on that door and they want be there.When U really Love some one they will be Important enough to U for U to work Just as hard to have that Relationship as U would a Job U really,Really want or that Car,House,Money and they want be at the last thing U think of every Day They will be the First,and If it comes to choosing between them and anything else they will always win.If this Isn’t true and U think U love some one rethink it.And If U know U love some one and this isn’t true UR going to lose them if U don’t make changes in UR list of what is Important to U..Let Me just say It better to cry over a lose than to be in a Relationship where U feel unwanted or cared about or one where U spend all UR time wondering if they really care or not,or maybe why they R even in a relationship with U to begin with..At least if They/U walk away U know the answers,U walked because they acted as if U weren’t important to them /didn’t care if U were there or Not.And That’s very sad.So,Today of all days I hope every one that has some one that is very Important to them will set a new role inn there life one that shows the People that is very Important to them that fact.Work Hard to show that person that U want them in UR life Because U love them /Care very much If U give more of UR self when It comes to Friends and Cars or a job,or a House then think about what UR saying to the People U claim to Love,John Schneider once said he didn’t want to be a Better Dad in a Movie than at home,think about it this way Apply what John said this way,What will all the Money and things matter to U if that one person That U Say U love so much isn’t there ,Most Men say they work hard to be able to take care of the ones they Love,will If UR working all the Time and never spending time with those same people and they walk away what do U have ? Yep U have all those things Now does those things hold U at Night R those things there for U when U need some one ? No,so what do U do Now,well some go out on the town and find some one for the night,ok Now how does that look to the Person that U were saying U loved so very much,lol oh,ya they know don’t ever think they don’t…I have heard people say the Wife /Girlfriend is the last to know Don’t U believe it they know they may put up with it Hoping they R wrong or that it will change for awhile but,one day U will wake up and they will be gone ..was that one night stand that important to U ? Do U feel Better ? More Like a Man? Now all this applies to Women as well don’t ever think It don’t there are Women out there Just as bad.I put up with lieing ,Cheating men for 3 years but enough is always enough when U give some one every chance in the world and they think that U have to put up with it and or love them so much U’ll put up with any thing look out,I know those IDIOT’S though I had to put up with them I will never for the life of me understand why I worked every day,they did nothing they would have to do if I weren’t there,I want go through that with any one else,Not that I’m looking back I am applying a well learned lesson..If a man can’t acted like he loves me then he don’t,if a man thinks more of things,money,Jobs,House’s than he does me then he can have them and I’m sure there will not be a lack of Female warmth when He wants it there never seemed to be for Those lieing,cheating men in my life and knowing them if they can find a woman to cheat with a single man sure can find a woman for the night don’t U think..?Any way I’d rather be single and alone than to have a Man that though all he had to do was say I love U I’m not going any where and then going out acting as if he were single and not caring about how I feel or how Stupid it makes people think I am,for not seeing he don’t give a crap about me one way or the other.I May have been stupid enough to believe all that was said in the passed but,when U have been taught a lesson learn it well,I did,Words are great Don’t get me wrong Saying I love U or I’m so in love with U ,but with out the action behind them they are JUST words that any one can and will say to get what they want,I had to learn that the hard way.I’m Not going to tell U that when UR in love with some one and they don’t love U it want or Don’t hurt and U want shed many tears U will,but It’s better to know before U get in to deep isn’t it ? So,when U have Give all U have to Give or done all U can and they still acted as though U mean nothing to them I’m guessing U don’t walk away,Better to Cry for that than to go through the lieing and cheating and so on isn’t it ? I think so Maybe U feel different about it right now but,tell Me 3 or 4 Years down that road..
Anyway ,This Is what I had to come to mind what a shame for this to be my thoughts 2day of all days right ?


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