Thoughts of the day…Learning /Respect

I Had a Though ,All These Guy’s that say that don’t need to Show their Wife/Girl Friends that they love them or Be there for them,I have to wonder if the Kind of Love/Caring and or Person they are is what they want for their Daughters and Grand Daughters,These Guy’s Need to think about how they would feel if it was Their Daughter that was being Disrespected,Would they want her Husband to be Hugging and Kissing on any and every woman that they seen or Talked to,Or Hugging on another woman for any reason ? Would they want their Son-in-law to be running around with a ex for any reason ? I don’t think so even if they want admit it.Some Men seem to think they know every thing and refuse to learn from any one,let me tell Every one UR never to old to learn and U’ll never know every thing because U haven’t been through every thing.As for being Pig Headed being that way will only cost U In some case’s ,Be sure UR willing to Lose what ever U could gain from being willing to learn from some one else that has been through things U haven’t.I Am Pig Headed in my on Personal Life,I’m always willing to learn Because I know I don’t know every thing.I don’t give a crap if UR a 100 Years old U Don’t know every thing and can Learn if UR willing to,if UR not No One can teach U Nothing.How Can U tell UR Children to Be open to new things when UR not UR self.Not that any of it is one thing to me just saying,U only hurt UR self by not being willing to respect Others and their Rights as a Person and not being willing to learn from people that has been place’s in life U have Not.If U know some one has been through things that U have No clue how it feels to go through U have No Right to judge them in those Matters or to shut out learning from that person is plain stupid. I don’t Care how Much schooling U have there is more to life than what U’ll fine in a Book.And for Sure Life IS NOT A MOVIE!!! Get over it..Life is not Perfect and never will be. John Schneider said He didn’t want to be a Better father in a Movie than at Home that’s Great if it made Him work harder to be a Better dad,But what about Being a Better Husband/Wife /Girlfriend/Boyfriend or even a Friend..And People can Talk all day but,Words is and will always cheap until there is action Behind those words.And I don’t care what no one say’s Asking the Question is the only way U get a Answer..Plain old fashion Facts People..We may or May not like it but it isn’t about to change.I my self will not except being any thing but # 1 in a man’s life and treated with Respect.And No Woman should,Men U wouldn’t want anything else for UR daughters & Grand Daughters admit it or not..And knowing that Fact U should treat any woman in UR life the same as U want UR Daughter’s /Grand Daughters treated.. I Mean People Stop and think Ladies does this man treat U with respect ? Men Do U treat the Ladies in UR life with Respect ? Ladies do U Respect /Honer the Men in UR life ? If Not I do Hope U’ll start doing so…


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