Mistakes about me And Maybe You to..

Know what the Biggest Mistake People make where I’m Concerned is ? They Think I’m Dum as a Box of Rocks…Now I’m not saying I’m the smartest Person on the Planet I know better but,I also ant not as Stupid as people seem to think either,Some time that works for me tho and that’s not a bad thing either..lol I find out a lot because People think I’m stupid,but then there are those that don’t take any chance’s on how stupid I am and those are the one I have learned that are Dangerous to be involved with because U can never know for sure where they are going with something.Something people don’t understand is U have to be aware that there are people out there that will put on a real great show for you to get what they want.And I had to grow up around this kind of people,and learn the hard way Not to just Blindly trust any one.And Now People tell Me I should Blindly trust I don’t think so,You see those people are still out there they may have learned to be more cunning but none the less there and more Dangerous because they have become smarter as well as every one else.No One should ever just take some one’s word about A business Deal Right ? Well why would you with You life isn’t it just as if not more Important as a Business Deal ? You See I may talk and act like a hick but don’t ever think because I talk like I’m from the Back woods or something that I’m Dum as a Box of Rocks I’m Not ,I do My Home work I know more than You can every begin to know that I know.When You want to know bad enough You find away to know.You do that in Business Don’t You ? Well why don’t you think people aren’t going to do the same when they are thinking of a life event.Something that can effect their whole Life.Most People don’t think like I do and I think the way I do Because of My passed,You see people seem to think You can get away from all of Your passed but,you can’t because Your passed is what made you who you are.We may not like our passed,we might not ever want to think about it but it’s there and it’s not going away,and it’s because of it that made us who we are.We don’t have to think about it or talk about it but,like it or not we are who we are because of it..Mine has  made Me very strong and Pig headed,Sorry if that upset’s people that’s the way it is,and if there are people that can’t or don’t want to deal with it you know where the door is.Don’t Make me have to show you the door walk out it on your own because I want let people run over me and or tell me I’m not good enough for very long ,I heard that My whole Life,If I’m not good enough then leave.Don’t start telling me how stupid I am or what I should or should do.I’ve had to take care of My self for as long as I can remember,and no one at this late date is going to start trying to Parent me ,I don’t at this late date need Parent’s I needed them years ago and had none..If you want to be a Friend then except me as I am…And Understand why I’m the way I am.And Love/care about me for who I am any way..Well,I need to start getting ready to go out in the Cold..Have a Great one ..Love to all ❤


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