Expecting respect..

Some people think I’m To hard on men that talk of Marriage,I don’t think so,I expect respect Which means I don’t think a Man that say’s he loves Me or any other woman should be hanging all over another woman or allow one to be hanging on him and No kissing on them either,that is disrespectful to the woman he say’s he love’s,and No lieing or cheating,No hitting of any kind I’m not a Punching bag and neither is any other woman.No man wants these things done to them and would have a fit if it were,so why then do they think me or any other woman should except it from them,And I my self want be told I can’t do something they them self do,or go where they them self go.And I don’t think that’s a lot to ask of any one.What it boils down to is treat me as they them self want to be treated,And I don’t want to be a married single woman ,what I mean is I don’t want to be married to a man that stay gone more than he is at home,No Man would want that why should he think she does.I want a true love no a words only love is there any thing wrong in that,no man want’s a woman that say’s to him I love U but,I don’t want to show U I love U..Why can’t people understand that Men and women a like.And yes I wish it was were a person could forget the bad things that has been in their life,I hate to say it’s not Possible something can trigger a Memory so quick…Maybe if there were better things in their life to keep them busy and then when those things come back in a flood they can shake it off easier but when there is nothing to keep them smiling and good things happening every day what is there to think about to take the passed away.U see I think Good things can keep the bad at bay,When good days out number the bad then U can even look at the bad and smile I think.Every one would rather think about Good things but,U have to have good things to think about U see….? No I don’t think I ask a lot.But,for some reason I’m told I ask to much..Respect is never to much to ask,and showing a person U love them is never to much to ask.I’m so sorry that people feel it is…
I know I need to get off here and rest but I also know sleep would come.So I want bother getting off just yet.Have a Great one ..


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