Why Is It that There is so many people In this world that don’t Appreciate what they have ? Instead they Complain about every thing.I try Very hard Not to Complain about what I have or Don’t Have because I know that there is People out there that would Love to have what I do..I know I don’t Have Much but,there is People out there that Don’t Have any thing at all..People Might Look down on me Because I’m Not Rich But,They Need to Start Appreciating what they Have and Thanking God for it instead of Looking down on others because they don’t have what they do.Things Happen In Peoples Lives that cause them to go through rebuilding their life and in some Cases that means Starting from Scratch with Nothing,So as I have said More than Once Don’t Judge any one U have No Clue What they are or have gone through to Cause them to be where they are…It seems there is some one that just loves to remind me as often as They can where I’ve Been..All they are doing is Keeping that Fresh and I’d love to Move on with my Life instead of having it fresh in my mind all the time.How does this person think I’m ever going to get pass it if they Keep bring it up all the time.I don’t want to live in the Passed I want to be able to look forward Not Back ward…I really Want to move on from Use and Abuse and I so want People to Stop Bring it Up every time they find a way of doing it..I know I’ll never forget it But,I can’t Find a Healing if People will stop finding a way of Keeping it fresh in my mind.And I find It always starts out with them Not Appreciating what they have…And wanting to hurt some one ,well that’s wrong and even More so if they are doing every thing they can to help You When You Need them to.Why would some one any one want to hurt some one that is being there you they are in need in the first place ? It makes no Since to me..I mean even if You don’t love some one if they are there for you ,you should at the very least Appreciate the fact that they are there for You,and even if you don’t have the best of every thing and or every thing you want or need you should Appreciate what you have..You could be that person out there on the street with nothing at all..So,Yes I Appreciate what I have even if it is the best or if there is more of it.


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