Thoughts of the DAY

The Topic of telling people how to live and what they can and can’t do and how they should and shouldn’t live their lives has Been talked about a lot of late,and I have had it on my mind all morning,because of it..People tell U for UR own good U should do this or that,well truth is If they Love or care about U they will be there for U no matter what choices U make for UR life,They will let U live UR life as U see fit and If U make a Mistake they will Love U just the same,and will be there for U through what ever U go through Because they do Love and Care about U…And In my Mind It’s a Matter Of respect to Let them Live their Life as they want to with out Judgements or wanting them to live their life as U would UR’S U R U and they R them What is right for U may not be right for them,U don’t Know What all is going on in their Life.Ya,they can try to tell U and U may think U understand But,U don’t until U have been where they R..
And I was thinking about Men that say they like Strong and Independent women,and then tell them they have to be some thing else if they want to be apart of their life ,I was wondering do they really like and want Strong Independent women ? I mean If they R telling a Strong Independent woman she has to become what he wants to be part of his life isn’t that telling her she can’t be strong and Independent any More that she can’t make her own Choices to be in his life ? And How about Us women in our own why don’t we do that to them ? Think about it ? I have all Morning I have to wonder if just maybe we all don’t in our own why when we talk about Relationships like Boyfriends or getting Married do that to the person ,In some case’s I’ve heard Men say the very thing she said she liked about me she Now wants to change,And I don’t get it.And People I don’t understand saying things that isn’t true when Dating or looking for some one to spend UR life with unless there is more than meets the eye there.I mean If U want some one that can Love U for who U R shouldn’t U be who U R ? Shouldn’t they know what to Expect in A marriage should they Marry U ? Some one once said that a man didn’t Roll up his sleeves to show he was going to work he just went,well that’s find and I do understand that ,they were trying to show show some one that people can love some one and not show it,How Is that ? Why is that? A person should know they R loved and should be willing to show their Love for the Person they R saying I love U to,more so if they want to marry them..There is So much on my Mind this Morning about all this But,the funny thing is the more I think about it the more Questions I have about how People think and why..And I guess the funniest part is I truly believe they think the way they think is right and ok..But,I also truly Believe they want the People that say they Love them to show it,and not just say it,And Except them the way they R and not be trying to change them to respect them enough to let them make their own Choices ,So I don’t get why they do it to others ? Why can’t they just love,respect and except like they want others to do ? I sure would love a ANSWER to all this wouldn’t U ?


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