Does anyone else get tired of this ?

Does any one else ever get tired of repeating them self like I do ? I mean I have said over and over if You Call me and you really want to talk to me Don’t hide who YOU ARE ,I don’t answer calls When I have A unidentified caller on my Phone.. I think if it’s some one that needs to talk to me or I know they want hide who they are..And I also do it because I have a ex from Hell that does that and I will not answer a call like that,So who ever is doing that whether it him or some one else they are wasting their time calling if they don’t want to tell me who they are…Is there any one that wants to answer their phone only to find it’s a ex Husband calling to see how they can torment you ? Or some one wanting to sell you something,that has some how got your cell number.And I have told people over and over I don’t answer My Phone to those kinds of calls but they keep doing it,isn’t it time people started listening when others speak,they want people to listen when they speak don’t they ? They need to give the same respect they want and they might get more respect in return,if they don’t give respect why do they even expect to get respect ? In some even most case’s what goes around comes around ? People need to keep that in mind when dealing with People.As if I really needed extra today,you see today has been a True Monday for me ..


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