The years fly by

On this Day a wonderful Show first Aired..


It’s been 35 years since the Dukes premiered on CBS!

35 years.

Where did it go?

Seems that the days drag on but the years fly by!

I remember that day up there like it was yesterday. Tom, Cathy and I were brought over to Griffith Park in a van. We were near the train museum up against the hill. I was expecting to see a primer grey 69 Charger with a battle flag on the rood and 01 on the door…

(Did you know that the original script for Dukes had the General painted grey for the confederacy? It did. Rumor has it that George Barris commented that it would be very hard to see the car in the Georgia woods if it were grey. He suggested that it be painted a very common color that is found in every auto shop in the country. Engine block orange. That…

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