Isn’t it Sad when People Play Games with others heart and Mind,For what ever the reason,Fun some times,Sometimes to get a head in life.Sometimes to get what they want from some one.The Problem with those kind of games is some one ends up getting hurt.And What Does the Person that’s Playing those do after they are tired of those games with one person do they find some one else to play that same game With ? And Do they even feel bad at all about hurting the people they are Hurting ? a very Good Question to ask those People ,Do you think they would tell any one the truth about that ? I mean after all if they find it so easy to play head Game’s of any kind with people’s Lives wouldn’t it be just as easy to lie about things as well.How In the world Can one trust some one that plays Games when You Know they are a person that does such things.Let’s say You have some one as a friend and You Know they are Playing Games with some One Else any Kind Saying they are a Friend to find out things or to get things from them or some even go so far as to say they love them when it they feel is needed to get what they want ,I know a man they went so far as to say he was in love with a woman and Married her to get what he wanted and after he got her as his wife he treated her as a Child when she did any thing he didn’t like she Paid for it with Abuse,She Put up with it for 3 Years hoping it would get better but,It never does,when there is nothing More than A game or some sort of use of the person going on.What a Shame people think it’s ok to do such things.IT’S never ok to use people in the first place let alone to play Head Games or Games of the Heart people Have to know some one is going to get Hurt in Such Games and or use of People.So why do they do it,Are they so Cold hearted that they don’t care if Some one get’s hurt as long as it isn’t them,Problem is some times things can back fire on them I wonder if they think of that ? And if they come to feel it is worth the risk.I have a ex that though it was worth the Risk to Kill me,Yes That’s a Fact ,I am Very blesses to be here and I know it ,Don’t tell Me there is no God It is only God that I sit here today.Anyway back to my Point ,That’s By the way is what he was doing Playing Games,He said once he should Have went to Hollywood he would Have made a Great actor in the End I agreed ,..But,This is way I say People get hurt when People Play Games with other Peoples lives,And no One for No reason should Play Games of any kind with Some one life.Oh,Yes I’ve Moved on with my life and Try very hard to be there to Help Others as best as I can to not go through what I did,but,I know that if You can be talked into marrying some one on the grounds of respect and You care about some one,how much harder is it when Your in Love with some one,They may Not be in love with the right person and they may not Love in return but,being in love makes a person do things they would never do if they weren’t in love.But,then that’s what these people that play games hope for so they can get what they want,They have to make you care enough to do what they want ,Now don’t they ? Things Every one should stop and think about..Not Every one is A Player but,we need to be aware they are out there..Have a great Sunday every one…


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