Explaining thoughts,

Things I say Isn’t to Hurt any one It’s to get them out of my Head ,And To see if any one else has ever though about these things them self.U see I lived most of my life ,Well U could say My whole Life with thoughts,Never really having any one that cared enough to listen or care how I felt about any thing at all,And when I married it was because I though I’d found some one that cared Enough to Listen and Care how I felt about things not because I was in love altho I did treat them with the respect due as a husband ,And even beyond so,think How I would have treated them If I had been in Love with them,My Guess is as if they had a backside of Gold lol..Anyway My Point is If I say something That Hurts someones feeling or something I don’t mean to.I don’t set out to Hurt people I have better things to do than Hurt people on Purpose ,Altho of late I have wondered if my life has Much more meaning than to wait on others,(doing for others) …My Dad one time wrote Me a Letter I was living in Georgia ,And His wife was sick so he wrote to me and ask me to come take Care of the Boys(Little Brothers) so he Could stay at the Hospital with her,I did left every thing and Came Back to Alabama ,when She Passed away and he No Longer needed me it was you need to find a place to go,but,he Said when I came I knew You’d come.Yes,Every one knows I’ll be there for them when they need me to be ,but when I need them they are never any where to be found,So If I question some one why then should they get upset that I do when that’s all I’ve ever known.?Like Right Now Ya,I do What I do because I care enough to do it,but Do You think I don’t know that if I weren’t needed I’d be wanted around ? I’m Not Stupid You know ? Nor am I 10 Years old any More.You Say your Kidding that’s Your Mother she don’t feel that way ? Your Wrong she does and has my whole Life ,You see I was a Girl She wanted a Boy to go with the one she already had,I was given away twice ,But I’m like that bad Penny I just kept turning up.lol I guess for what ever reason I was ment to go through what I have gone through,and I know that If I Hadn’t Gone through what I have I never would Have meet the One Person That I do and Have loved for the better part of my Life,the One good thing that has come out of living the life I’ve lived,well I have 4 Wonderful children and 5 wonderful Grand Children but,I’m talking about before them…Until I was 19 Years old I had no Clue that you could love some one as much as I did this person I though I’d lost my mind,and when My oldest Daughter was born She became My life and for 5 years she was my Family and then I got stupid and let some one talk me into Marring some one ,I was told she needed a Dad,It didn’t take long for it become clear I’d Make a mistake there,Anyway,My Point Is I don’t do things or tell things to Hurt People I know what it’s like to be hurt or not Wanted unless I’m Needed. And I don’t lie it get Att: either I know that there are people that say things on here as well As face to face for Pity I don’t want Pity or any one feeling sorry for me that isn’t why I say any thing I say It because it’s the truth even if it hard to Believe..Such Is my Life ,I have grown to Except that life is what it is you learn to live life with the Pain and Joys all as it is…And If My Thoughts Bother some one I didn’t put them out there for that Purpose..I want to understand doesn’t every one want to understand things ? Any way I wanted to Make My self clear,It seems Some people have a Problem with things I say,and or think..
Have a Great Sunday evening where ever You are or go stay safe.


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