People never Cease to Amaze me ,And this time It’s their Idea of loving some one.How and where do these people get their Idea’s from? Some people seem to think it’s ok to have outing with the ex,and that it’s ok to allow another woman to be kissing on them and do nothing say nothing,what is the person he is telling he is in love with to think of this.And then how about that same person thinking it’s ok for him,well now I have to say this could apply to women as well ,Any way How about them thinking it’s ok for them to do something but not the other person Man or woman which ever the case might be..I never will except that as love or being in love.If You Love some one You think of them and their Feelings,Your not always thinking of your self,I think I’ve blogged about this kind of things before,It so Bothers me that people Say I love You so easy ,but when It come’s to showing those people that they love them It Don’t happen.Why Is that ? If Your treating them as if your ashamed of them and then running around with the ex what do You think your telling her for cry’en out load,And then on top of every thing else Your allowing some woman/Man to be Kissing on you Do You really think A woman/Man should want to be with You Marry you? Why Would they ? And let’s throw in there this Person also say’s I can and do ,do this But You Can’t or I don’t want any thing to do with you ,How can a Person think some one should believe that they love and want to be with them let alone to Marry them? As I said I am so Amazed at these people,They need to start Putting them self in that person shoes,The person the say  they love start thinking about how they would feel if it were them.I mean If they were on the receiving end some one telling them those things,and are running around with any other woman/man all the time Don’t that give the Idea that they Want to be with that person rather than the Person they say  they Love/are in love with ? Now How about running around with another woman /Man but Never have time for the Person they Say they Love,or even act like they are ashamed of them or afraid some one will see them together,How can a Man/Woman believe they are loved by that person Let alone them being in love with them…Please What are these people thinking ? Most of the time if some one excepts this kind of thing they believe it because they want to,Because they are so in love with the Person telling /doing this stuff that they want to be with them no matter what,I say at what cost ? I would never put my self in a place to be hurt worse than I would be already if I were in love with that kind of person,I think it hurts enough to be in love with some one that does those things let alone being married to them,No I would never put my self in that place.If a Man love’s /is in love with me he will act like it and show me not just say words that roll so easy off his lip’s.I have heard words many time’s I want except any thing a person say’s with out action behind the words,No one should I don’t think..And I see it this way on my Part if a Man can be apart of My life and choose not to he is the Loser..Not Me money is nice but Love Is More Important than Money and things to me…I can’t speak for others on that…All I know Is people have allowed things to become More Important than Love and it’s Sad..Any way,I had to get this off my chest ,I am so amazed at people and how they think these day’s, this sounds like something that would come out of Hollywood to me ,If that offends any one I’m sorry that’s only my Feeling..But,Think about it don’t it really sound like Hollywood thinking ? I guess I’ll never understand people’s Ideas when it comes to what they call Love,You see That to me isn’t love in any form..


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