Right & Wrong

I got very up set Yesterday when I found that some one was telling me I needed to stop doing some thing While all the while they them self was doing the very same thing.Wouldn’t any one ? How is it that People do that to people ? Even more so when they Tell You the Love/care about you don’t they know that’s wrong that they are Being a Hypocrite ? My Grand Mother use to say that was the Pot Calling the Kettle Black,The right thing to do is except the Person  as they are just as they expect the person to except them.I have heard that some people think that you should do as they say not as they do well That to is wrong,If You don’t want others to do some thing you don’t do it either or Say nothing when they do..I have been Married and they was that way,they wanted to go place’s and do things that they came unglued if they even though I had done the very same things,Some of those things I had more respect for my self than to do,but the Point is right is right and wrong is wrong no matter who is doing it or what it is.No one for one has the right to tell some one else how to live their life ,and another thing is if You yourself do some thing You shouldn’t be telling any one else they can’t or shouldn’t and if You don’t want them in your life for any reason don’t tell them You Love or care about them because You don’t,plain and simple if you love and care about some one you except them the bad Habits and all,Because every one has A habit that may not be the best in the world,But truth is habit’s can be broken and if you love and except them as they are there is a good chance that they will walk away from those Habit’s but,the only thing you will do by not excepting them as they are Is Lose A good Friend or any chance of More if you are a Guy and the other person is a Lady or vice v…Why would any one want to lose like that? It is in every one’s best Interest to except people as they are …When a Person is Doing Business they don’t do Business based on people’s Habits do they ? No they don’t because it is in their best interest well why would You choice Friends /husbands/wives based on Habits that also in not in any one’s best interest Because you never know how good a friend/Husband/wife you are losing because of basing your life on some thing that don’t even began to matter,when Choosing a Friend/Husband/Wife you should choose them because of what is in their heart not what habit they have or don’t have.Because what is in their heart is what Makes them who they are not that Habit..And on top of that if you are in love with some one You do see any thing else all you see is who they are,and same goes for true friendship,I’ve had a lot to so-called friends and I cleaned house of them.And Now I will add friends that can and will care about me Not what I can do for them or tell me how I should or shouldn’t live my life,and what I do Or don’t do will be my choice not because they can’t or what except me the way I am.When People can except me Just as I am and treat me the way they them self want to be treated then I’ll let them in my Life but not until.Every one wants to be Loved and Cared about as they are not what they can be Made why can’t people see that ? I’m not say people don’t maybe need to make changes in their life or that they don’t even want to that isn’t even the point ,the Point is except them as they are and be there for them let them know that you will be there in any thing they choose to do,Support any change’s they try to make in their life for the better,instead of judging them in stead of telling them you don’t want any thing to do with them if….If You really Care/Love them Be there for them in all they go through stand by them offer to help instead of looking down on them,and for sure if You yourself do something don’t tell them How wrong they are for doing the same thing..And If you don’t think or want them to do some thing them You DON’T do it either..Don’t be a Hypocrite that’s wrong…Love and care about people as You want them to You…What a Better relationship you will have with People ..Try it and see..


Have a great day and a wonderful week-end..


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