I have found that some people what the truth but,the Bottom line is Most people can’t take the truth.I have never Hide the truth about my Life,The Problem’s I have or don’t have,I have not hide.But,it seems that some people didn’t really want to know the whole truth.And I want play Mind games with any one,My Life is not a Game,and I am who I am and if I am not good enough to be apart of their life so be it ,But don’t play Games with me about it.If You don’t want to know the truth don’t say You do.And If You do something Your self don’t act like I’ve Committed Crime if I do..I want play that game I don’t care who it is..I see it this way If You love and care about me You want do it in the first place but,I seems I’m having to repeat my self a lot these days.Here I was ready and willing to make change’s in my life and am still going to do some changing but,Not Because some one wants me to because they have showed me they them self does some of those things them self yet point at me and say that’s bad for you or In a Round about way Your Not good enough to be in my life if You do that,I don’t know what is going on with them ,But I am a Human being and I have been in control of My own Life almost since I was 12 years old ,And when I was Married one of those Men chose to try and be My Father instead of my Husband,Honey I had a Dad He wasn’t much but,at my age I don’t Need a Dad ,If and when I do ever Marry it will be for a Husband and Friend not a Father.At My age I need some one that will allow me to Make My own Choice’s as long as I’m a Good wife and don’t do things that a wife shouldn’t as a wife /Married woman there shouldn’t be a Problem,And I feel as long as a Man and woman treat each other as they them self want to be treated there also shouldn’t be any Problems..I don’t understand why people don’t get that,If You say You want the truth be ready to hear it,at least From me,Because if You ASK you’ll get the truth,I’d rather not say any thing than to tell a lie.So how about it Can You deal with the truth ? If You can Great if Not Don’t ask for it..

Have a wonderful Night…


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