Sometimes there is more we don’t understand in life than that we Do..I for what ever reason all of a sudden went Back to Sept 1974 I don’t have a clue what caused me to go back there ,I know it had some thing to do with Children because all of a sudden this though can to mind,Some times you can love some one but,for what ever reason your not together but,One of the 2 watch the other grow and Become some one to be very Proud of and they keep watching for years and it’s kind of like watching your child grow up and go off to collage and Your a Proud Parent ,well the person that is watching the other is the same as that Parent,They became so proud of the person that they had/have love all those Years knowing for what ever the reason was that they weren’t together didn’t stop them from loving and wanting to be with the person.Who knows why the Heart does what it does it just does.They say Time heals all wounds well I have never believed that ,But time some times make things easier to Handle /Deal with But if there is one thing that most every one knows is when You fall in love with some one there is no explaining it,You don’t know why It just is,and Getting over it or passed it ,it don’t happen it’s like loving your Child you don’t stop loving them because they don’t become what you want them to ,or because they made a Mistake no you can’t help it You can’t explain it You just love them no matter what ,Who can ever explain the Heart ,I heard it said one that when it came to the heart it didn’t have wisdom it only knew what it wanted and that was that,and maybe that’s true,I have never understood some of the things People did because they loved some one,And I don’t know why all this came to mind …We don’t always have to understand I don’t guess when It come’s to Matter’s of the heart..But,I think it’s a must to follow our heart’s because if we don’t we sure can be a very unhappy lot ,now can’t we ? I think our Happiness depends on whether or not we follow out hearts,and most of the time there isn’t much use in questioning our hearts because there is  never a answer not a reasonable one any way ,most of the time we end up with more questions..So,for those out there that have been loving and being a Proud Parent the only answer I have is keep right on being Proud of that person and let God take care of the rest,Because If God wants the 2 of you together he will bring it to be and Nothing will stop it..And if You are a Guy if You Don’t ask the Question You’ll never get the answer ,Get it ? Women shouldn’t have to try and Guess or read your Mind..You say what if ? well,You Never know until You ask do You ? And even If You think Your sure of the answer You Could be wrong You know ? Even if the answer was one thing it could be that some thing has Changed that..So,Don’t just assume any thing Ask…

Have a Great One every one


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