Have You Ever Had It seem Like You Just couldn’t win ?

I have gott’en and I am so tired of starting out to fix one Problem and before I get it fixed another one  Hit’s me, before I get that one solved I have another one..car started Changing Gears Ruffly so I spoke to some one about it and was told that I had a Motor Mount Problem,Well Now I have been working on a Couple things already Like saving money to Move and getting My teeth Fixed,Now It seems that I need at least 600.00 to fix that where does it end ? some one tell me Please..Any way It seems ever since I changed my Status from Married to Single there has been one thing after another to slap me in the face.And I can’t seem to get passed one until I get another one.Who Can get on their feet financially with that going on ? It’s like beating your head against a brick wall..I’m thinking at this rate the Move will have to wait longer than I’d like because it will Cost around 2000 to move and my teeth has to come first,They are only getting worse,I didn’t Mind to much when It was wisdom teeth and Jaw teeth But Now It is My fr..Bottom teeth and They are in need as soon as Possible So,any one have a clue What does one do ? I pray every day for answers on the Matter but ,God does things in his Time not Ours..My thinking is if I could solve one problem before getting another one it would Help…And People don’t understand why some one might be under a lot of stress,This is why I tell people don’t Judge what you have no clue about..you see I don’t ask people for Help in these Matters and I sure want ever use some one to get it ,so that leave’s me trying to figer out where the money is going to come from..Seeing as to how I am up to my eye’s in depth now just trying to keep our Lives going in some sort of Normal way..Since I went From working to being my Mothers Care Giver I am now a 0 income person and Mother only has 730.00 a mo coming in it is real fun ,And I have had to clean House on friends that were not Friends,Because I got tired of some one  wanting to tell me how I should live,and what I should be doing..And Some even wanting to tell me how stupid I am..So Gone Baby Gone..I have enough problems with out all that ? Don’t You think ?

And what I really Get Mad about is the Government saying there is no Job problem out there and that the Cost of living has not gone up.And how about Stealing from the Social Sec..To Finance their own Programs,which hurts thousands of people every day,My Car is some thing we have to have to get Mother To Doctor’s and things she has to have in that way as well as Shopping for her and so On,Don’t  think people I’d love to say my Car don’t matter because I have another one but,I have to keep this one running because it’s the only one I have.And Mother Has to go to Doctor’s and all that..

As for me and My teeth I don’t have a clue what I’m going to do about the New Problem with them.Any way ,All I seem to have today or should I say this after Noon is Trouble’s But,such is life Right ? Thing is it isn’t so Much the problems that I have as it is that people seem to think I don’t have any thing better to do than to listen to them tell me how ,when ,where and even how..And People this is only One of the Problems I deal with in my life.(Money) I also have a 80 year old I’m dealing with every day,And These People in the Office had trees cut down around here this Passed summer and gave some of us another problem that really they should be dealing with but,I want go there.So People Please Don’t Look at any one and think they are Problem Free because You never Know what kind’s of Problems they are dealing with every day.If You have to say something see if it can’t be some thing Nice,Please You never know it maybe the Only Nice thing they have or will hear all day..Please Don’t add to some ones Problems of the Day..I told You what I deal with so You can Understand ,I Hope You do..

Have a great evening…


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