Righ Reason

I had a though ,Some People don’t understand that for the right reason or reasons people will walk away from any and every thing.But.They need a reason.Some times the right reason is only a question a way,and it’s seem close but yet at the same time seems very far away.And if that reason ever was every thing would change for a person.You see every one needs a reason to to things,it’s like getting up in the morning,don’t we all need a reason to get out of bed in the Morning ? yes we do. If you didn’t have to clean house,take care of Husband &  Children wouldn’t you stay in bed ? yes you would ,If You didn’t have a job to go to ,a wife and Children to take care of wouldn’t You sleep in ? Yes You would ..If You didn’t have Bills to pay and need that Job to pay those bills wouldn’t you stay in bed ? You Get it ? People need a reason for things whether it’s taking care of a family and paying bills or going to work every one needs a reason.And Some time’s doing things is hard enough to do with a reason but,when you aren’t sure if You really have a reason or not make’s it even harder..I am human I slip when trying to do things because I’m human but,I’m stubborn enough to keep trying and when I over come it I’m very happy as is any one else.It’s like going after a Job You want so very badly that you give it every thing to get it.Well,I’m like that to I want to over come some thing and I’m giving it every thing to do so.And I know I’ll get it done because I am giving it my every thing.It May take longer than I’d like but I will get it done..Because I’m very Stubborn when I make up my mind about some thing and I’ve Made up my mind about some thing.And I know I’m the only one that can get it done with only one reason in mind I Want to.I have found that there is no one I can do it for so I have to do it for me.It’s funny how I can’t to that conclusion You see It come’s back to what I said earlier a person needs a reason ,and some time that reason is only a question away so close yet so very far.get It ?

No ,I don’t think You do…I do most every thing for a reason like every one else does….Think about it…


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