I was Wondering why ..

My Little Brother and His wife of little over a year have been going through something I’m not even sure what..I do know that she started accusing him of Abuse,and I know that he has been with some women that If I had been him ,I would have put their light’s out quick and he never touched them ,so why does this woman want me to believe that he all of a sudden chooses to abuse her ? She went very Public and called him a Monster and that did it for me with her,No one is Perfect that includes My Brother but,I know him very well,I lived in his house and his girl friend at the time lived there and there was a few times that if I had been him I would have put her lights out,Put he didn’t touch her.And there was 2 others that did the same way they Knew he wouldn’t touch them or they would never have done the things they did.I also Believe this woman knows as well that he will sit back and take it is why she is doing all this.But,I also found that she has made a page and is asking people for Money with the end total being 3000 dollars..I can’t get over how cold some women can be, You know I don’t get people that seem not to have a heart,I said Seem ..We know they have a Heart don’t we..? I wish with all my heart people would start putting them self in other peoples shoes and think about how they would feel if it were them going through what the other person is at the time.God how I wish that ? I wish some one in my life would put them self in my shoes right now as well,but all I can do is wish ,hope ,and Pray Right..? Come we may wish we were but,we are not Perfect,We live and learn,make mistakes & hopefully learn from them,But No ONE should call any one a Monster with out knowing what a real Monster is,Slandering some one because You don’t get along is not the answer…My Little Brother and I have the same Problem A Over sized Heart,which means we get used a lot..But,I had really Hoped this time would be different for Him he has been through so much..So,my mind has been on why is it that people don’t get along and all of a sudden they are out there slandering one another ? I see No Value in it at all..Like My Sister in law Taking a Hammer to my Brothers car(different Brother) ,I ask her what did the car do to her that she did that ? She Laughed and she said Nothing I was just Mad,So what your mad does it mean you take a hammer to a car your still paying for and need to get to work every day ? You see I don’t get People they Hurt them self as much or more than the Person they are mad at and don’t even get it…I don’t care how Mad A person is or get’s they need to stop and think before they act it might get them into a lot of trouble one day by acting before thinking..And then there of cho..are those that over think a thing to bad it isn’t those that need to be thinking in the first place,and it most of the time isn’t the same kind of things either..Oh well,what can we do..Hope,Pray they will wake up to them self ?

Have a great and safe day..


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