Up Set

I’m Very Up set with My self right Now ,I have told some one a couple Sundays ago was zero day and It was,until 2day I slipped up and It has me very up set with My self.Now I have to start all over again.I refuse to give in to something that don’t matter over Some one that Matters very Much.I tell You this Because ,I’m sure there are Others out there that go through the same things I do,You can’t Let a thing win ,beat You ,you have to stay with it show it that you are stronger than it is,I want let a thing beat me,I refuse to allow it to win,I can’t …I’m bigger and stronger than that and so is every one else..Never Give up or into a thing,Keep Your Heart and Mind set on the Person that means more than life to You and it will give you what You need to win over what ever you are fighting…You Can win,up can beat any thing if you keep your eyes on where You want to be and not where you have been..

God Bless and Keep You..

Have a Safe and Blessed day…


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