Hard thing we do..

Does any one even understand how hard it is for some one that has worked and been busy doing for others in some way,no Matter what it might be,whether it’s going for long walks ,going Bowling,You know what I mean.It’s hard for some one to be at Home all the time Not Being able to go any where out side of what needs to be done for living Whether it’s going to pay a bill or Bills ,or shopping for the House/Apt no matter what the reason for it ,it’s not easy to sit all the time for some one that is use to being busy.I was out back a few Min’s ago and I realized how I use to go for walks at Night when I couldn’t sleep now I couldn’t even if it was safe to do so.I remember doing things at the VFW to help with things they were doing at Christmas for Vets ,The Blind in B’ham and the Rest Home in Huntsville ,conference’s Not ever one or every time  but when I could,now I can’t do any of those things now don’t get me wrong I do what I do Because I want to,But People never understand How hard it is for someone that has been busy doing instead of setting to set..There are times I could Scream because I feel like a caged Animal because I have been in side so long and Haven’t been able do anything but Be here,And A person can get so Bored and tired of the some thing every day.Well,I know all to well..I Worked a job And Loved Working ,I’ve work Many different type’s Of job’s and I’ve Enjoyed every one of them..I would Love to be able to do Many things I can’t But,That’s life ,But It’s Hard most of all not to be able to do anything I’d like to.I love to Cook But,there again I can’t cook Much because Mother can’t Have or Don’t Like a lot of things so,I haven’t Bowled in a long time Now because I can’t Leave her For Very long,And there isn’t Much fun in Bowling alone now is there? I did slip out to a Movie a Couple time’s not for some time now but,I hope to be able to do that again soon,Well let’s say when I find a good one showing,and I’ve Got Family to take care of her a Couple times so I could have some time to recoup I have been taking care of my mother for Quit some time and I’ve had 1 trip to Va. leaving late evening and getting back early Morning a few hours of alone time and To see some one I hadn’t Seen in years,and a trip to Nashville,Tn for a week end and to see Family and the same person that I saw In Va. again..And a Couple Movie’s is all the time I’ve had for Me Since I’ve been taking care of My Mother,Now I have 3 Brother’s tell Me why that is,why Can’t 3 Brothers Step up on the week ends to give me some sort of recoup time,Well I can understand one because he is the one I visited In Nashville,Tn.But there is 2 right here in town one right around the corner but,say’s he is to busy to Baby sit,How sad is that now..These People don’t seem to understand how I feel or care.No one seems to understand how Hard it is for me..But,She is My Mother No Matter what she has done or even what she does That fact will not Change.So,I do the best I can for Her ,Why can’t they do the same is My question..Never the less The Main Question I have for People these people that seem to know how I should or Shouldn’t live My Life Understand How Hard this is for me.?They Really Should Put them self in my Shoe’s before telling me what,how or when on things …I have chosen to take these people out of my Life that can’t Do any thing but,Judge me and tell me how Stupid I am ,and even tell me how I should live my Life..I think if These People are Friends they should Understand why I do what I do,instead of telling me How,when and why and how stupid I am,Hey I know I’m not the Sharpest Knife in the drawer but,right is right to..So,I’d rather be totally alone than to have this kind of thing all the time..I don’t know of any one that would..Do you ? I mean If You are doing what You think is right and people keep Hammering at you to do something different what would you do ? If it’s Hard on You already You sure don’t need people at You all the Time now do You ?


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