Why is it ?

I have a Facbook Page and I have to delete Men all the time that sent request for Friendship and then Start on trying to get me to have more than that with them…I tell them no way and they keep on want take no for a answer.I don’t get it these guy’s don’t know me from Adam,and they keep trying to get me to get involved with them.What I don’t understand is, why is it these kind of men will not give up want take no for a answer while some one tells you they love you more than life it self want even try ? They act like it don’t matter if they have you in the life or not..I don’t get it,I delete men at least once a week because of that kind of thing,most of these Guy’s I know is only after the Benefit’s that come with talking me into Marrying them,Which IS NOT going to happen..No it’s not Money I don’t have any.It is because they are in other Countries and I think I’m Smart enough to know that they only want in this country.And I want help in any way there.I feel like if a Man want’s in the Country he should do it right not by talking some woman into Marriage for it.And I am not on Facebook for that..I found out a few years ago that you can’t run from True Love ,You don’t get over it ,you don’t get passed it,It’s there and NO ONE I mean NO One will take their Place and No One will make You Happy,any Marriage to any one but that person will Not work.So,I vowed I would Never Marry again unless it was to that Person And I’m Not about to change my Mind any time in this life time.I wish that those that really Loved some one would be as a go getter as those that only want to use some one are.But,what can I say to them to get them to Go after the Woman they really Love as those User’s do..Don’t they know they the women might be waiting for them to do that ? Some time’s You have to put your self out there,I did and it was way out of my Comfort Zone ,and I now wait for a sign that it wasn’t wasted that I didn’t put my head on a chopping Block to have it Taken off….lol let me tell You when you really Love aome one there isn’t one thing you want do for then if You can,and no amount of pain You go through will make a Difference,You will do it over and over again..Only for the fact that You Love them..And when Your not with them You will miss them so bad it hurt’s…That my Friend is what real and true love is and it’s because they some how are a part of You..You have become One  Spirit if You are suppose to be together …In other words if a person is your soul mate you want find happiness with any one else..I had to learn that the hard way,boy did I ever learn,Want make that mistake again..I hope no one else ever has to go through what I did to learn it…Wake Up Guy’s If You Really are in love with some one go on Get out of the comfort zone,you’ll never know if you stay in the safety zone now will You ? Any way Guy’s Real And true love drive’s You Nut’s so do some thing about it stop thinking and do,After all those user’s do don’t they ?She May feel the same way but how will you know if you do speak up ? Why let some user take away the woman You love and waste years and Hurt her as well because he don’t give a care about her only what she can give or do for him ? Is that really what You want ? I don’t think so..



Think about it Guy’s I have today because of one of those User’s..

Have a great one


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