We all need water and a lot of us don’t drink enough of it for one reason or another.For me it is all the Chemical’s they put in there,they say they don’t put very Much in the water but,I can taste it and I don’t care for it.So,I buy water,Spring water,and some time’s Naturally Flavored Water,But,I never drink tap water I can’t stand it.I have tried a filter but,it don’t take the Chemical’s..When we think of what is Healthy for us is all those Chemical’s in our Drinking water really Healthy ? We need water so even if we don’t care for the tap water we need to find a way of getting water,real Water not those water want bee’s ..So very get water some how Your body needs it.I know I don’t always talk about things that Matter but,this really Matters ,water is good for Your skin and Digestive system,And I think we all need to understand How Much we need water..In fact think we need to start thinking more about what is and isn’t healthy these days and try to do what is more Healthy for us,I didn’t say what was easy or what we like the best,I said what is Healthier,I find what is healthier is not always the easy thing to do.I find that what is best for me is never easy,We all know working out every day is good for us in many ways,It helps us with our weight ,and being able to do things,It keeps our heart pumping better and Our Blood Pressure down,I could go on but,I think Most people get it.I have always tried to take Care of my self keep my weight down,and take care of My skin and I’ve walked a lot and up until last year had a Ab Circle Pro that I used and Loved it,I now need to replace it,I have Other things But I find they are not working as well,so I will be replacing the Ab circle Pro soon,It not that it cost a lot it don’t and I find it fun ,but for those Of You John Schneider fun’s he has some programs You might want to Check out like P90x3 ,T25  ,Ultimate reset you Can Find out more about all of the Programs he Has and Coaches at….

THEJOHNSCHNEIDER  Now U know You don’t have to be a fan to want to get in shape,but in joining him in getting in shape You no dough will quickly become a fan…

So,I hope every one will start thinking healthy and start doing more of what isn’t easy..

And even if You don’t get into one Of John’s Programs You’ll Find a system You find enjoyable and start getting into shape for your Good health..Get Your Cholesterol where it should be even ..I hope you’ll take your self out of your comfort zone..

As John would say Onward ..

Have a Great one every one..


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