My Hero

I have a hero ,He is a Hard worker, and he Care’s about people…
He Put’s himself in others shoe’s at time’s before he Speaks.You want find to many People that will stop and think before they speak.And these day’s not many work as hard as he does.Every time you turn around he is doing something different,or on his way to do something about a job he is or had done.I wonder some time’s how he has time to eat and sleep.But,I know he does ..I only don’t know how..I remember being busy like that I loved it,and I know how he feels about work ,I wish I could be working and working as hard as he does.I might be able to sleep better an eat better ,when I was working 17 hours a day I feel a sleep of shear exhaustion ,I might only get 4 or 5 Hours sleep But now I lay down after Mother goes to sleep and and that might be 2 am or later and back up to do her Breakfast you see she sleeps during the day I don’t so it don’t bother her at all..

So,I wish I was as busy as he is,it would help me out,But This Man isn’t my hero for just that,I have known this man for the Better part of my life and he did something even then that at his age no one would have done,And he has been my Hero ever since,and will always be.Oh,It was for and about me.I was holding my breath waiting to hear something I didn’t want to hear ,and Was very relieved when he spoke,and I have told him how I feel and felt about that..

Do You have a Hero ? Why are they your Hero ? what about them stood out so much to you that they became Your hero.

Have you told them ?

Things to think on..

I think we all either have a Hero or need one..You see we need to have some one that we know in our hearts is a good person an do all they can to better this world we live in ,even if it’s in a small way they think,we know that every thing means so very much to some one.God Bless our Hero’s..We need our hero’s even if we don’t know it..And some time’s we have a Hero and don’t know it,But,If every one would set down and think on it My guess is they do have one,some one they look up to for one reason or the other.

So,how about do You have a Hero ?Who is it ? Way are they ?

I don’t want to know I want You to know..


Have a great evening..


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