People Pleasing

Do You know or even have a clue How many people are people Pleaser’s ? Quit a few,I notice it online as well as in real life.People say something and because some one don’t like it they change what they said or how they said it.In real life people change how they dress,wear their hair,women change their makeup,and I could go on and on..Every one see’s it they don’t really think much about it.Wouldn’t it be really nice if people excepted people the way they are instead of trying to make them into something or some one else ? It has been done so long that people except that as part of life the way it is,well It shouldn’t be Just excepted,every one has a right to live their life the way they see fit.These people wanting people to change do they also change who they are because some one want’s them to? I wonder if they do.Would they change who they are ? How they even think ? Why can’t people just love one another and be there for them to talk to ,lean on in the time of need why is it that people can’t be there for one another love and care about them the way they are ? I’ve had this on my mind for a long time wondering why this is,I know I’m not perfect my self and I also know that in some people’s mind I’m not good enough for them ,and that’s find ,If I’m not good enough for them these days I say Bye to them ..I don’t listen to all the You should or You shouldn’t any more.I feel I have enough problems in my Life and don’t need some one to keep reminding me they think I’m stupid ,Or I don’t dress well enough ,I don’t eat right ,There is always a long list of what I need to change in my life to be even half as good as they seem to think they are.I did say THINK they are…Well this is how I see it since I’m never going to be up to their standards I have cut them lose,I have said Good Bye to them.And only when they get their heads out of the clouds and see that they are no better than me that they are only blessed with things I wasn’t will I open the door for them in my life again.I have been told long enough I’m not good enough for people.Now I will live my life to please at the most 3 ,One Is God ,and 1 is me ,the 3 I’ll keep to my self but,know that There should only be 3 in every person’s life that matters when it come’s to changes because those are the people who love You the most..

Have A GREAT and Blessed day…


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