Today my Mother’s Physical therapist told her he was releasing her today.So,I can look forward to her not getting up at all for any reason,she can get out of.That’s what she did before they came in every time ,And I figure it will be that way again since that’s what she did out side of when they came.And She never liked hearing they were coming.Oh,well here we go again.Life can be flustering some time’s..More so when your dealing with some one 80 years old that has the mind of maybe a 10 year old or so,some one that You can tell some thing 20 times and have to tell them yet again..Some one that No longer has any concept of money,either..It’s really fun to deal with Some one like that 24/7 ..But,such is life and we deal with things as they are,and try not to complain…So,we must do what can with the life we are given..We work Hard to try and full fill our dreams You know the one’s You’ve had your whole life and hope that some day to see them full filled but,You can only do what has to be done..Right ? What was that song that said, Dream Dream Dreaming My Life away.I guess we all do A lot of Dreaming don’t we..?Well,Life goes on Don’t it  ? Have a Great one ,Keep On Dreaming after all we need to keep our Lives Full of excitement and Joy and lots of Smile’s,we need to find some kind of happiness in life and if Dreaming is the only way to have it so be it..Onward to Many Smile’s every one..Have a great one….Image


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